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Interview With Darren Randle, Entrepreneur and Promatch Solutions’ Managing Director

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1- Hello Darren, can you please tell us a bit about you?
Hi there and thanks for having me here today. My name is Darren, a 40-year-old professional with fourteen years’ experience in construction chemicals, building materials, and sales management. I left the industry last October to pursue a new adventure with my business partner, Paul Bean. Paul had recently founded a company called “”, a company designed to help people find elite professionals for projects in their home or workplace. I instantly loved the business model and Paul and I quickly shook hands on becoming partners.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
As our business covers literally any profession you can imagine, it was essential for us to quickly establish a reputation for excellence. We decided that we would concentrate on listening to our job posters and suppliers and deliver a business that was fresh, reliable and most importantly, ethical. A key importance was to offer our professionals project leads that were cost effective. To do this we enable all our professionals to view live projects for free. They only pay a single, one-off referral fee IF they accept the job. As we also work on tariff bands, we’ve ensured the fees are both competitive and non-prohibitive.

For our job posters, we offer a totally free service. They may post as many projects as they like with us, always free. The great thing about our business is we also reward anyone who posts with us. Once their project is complete and they review their professional, we reward them with points that convert into Amazon vouchers. We do this as a personal thank you for using us. Also, within the next month, we will be supporting a local charity by giving a percentage of every referral fee.

In essence, our focus is on people. Ensuring people get great, trusted professionals and helping those professionals grow their business at a sustainable cost.

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3- How do you describe “Promatch Solutions” in few words?
Caring, professional, ethical and human. That’s not a cliché either, just simple values that we enthuse into our business and employees.

4- Where do you think the company work is making an impact?
Two areas – Saving people time and being supportive.

I think saving people time is a key factor. OK, anyone can sit and trawl Google or Bing for hours, but then you have to shortlist your professionals, check their reviews, try and contact them etc. It is time-consuming and ties you down. With ProMatch, you simply post your project, define the work, choose five key points that are important to you and our matching engine will link you to reputable people who want to hear from you. Don’t forget, we cover any profession you can imagine, from accountants through to web designers.

We’re also very supportive of young and start-up businesses. We want to help other entrepreneurs grow their business. I appreciate the costs involved in marketing, growing a reputation and establishing awareness. By working with us, we are actively promoting these businesses into a market that they may otherwise struggle to compete in.

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5- Does “Promatch Solutions” verify the service providers it recommends?Absolutely! We check our suppliers to ensure they have the relevant insurances, qualifications and where possible, a checkable history. In the cases of new businesses that register with us, we talk with them and get to know them, understand what they are offering and then follow up with the job poster throughout their project to ensure everything is going well. For Promatch, quality is everything, we don’t want the biggest database, just the best database!

We appreciate that all companies, tradespeople, professionals alike have to start somewhere. Our company is exactly the same. Growth is only possible if people show faith, trust and allow people to grow.

6- What the word “Help” means to you?
I’m not a fan of the word “help”, that kind of sounds desperate. We prefer to “assist”. When people come to us we want them to be assured they will be looked after, treated with respect and courtesy and above all, supported throughout their project. Although we are a digital business, we have a staffed UK call center based in Kent. We have no annoying automated call system, no recorded messages, you go straight through to a human being who is ready and happy to assist you.

7- Where do you see the company in the next 5 years?
Wow! That’s some question. We’re part of an evolving marketplace full of diverse professions and economic uncertainties. I’d rather not predict the future but I’d love to see our brand develop into a respected market leader known for being passionate, caring and rewarding.

8- What can you tell young creative entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams?
At the age of almost 41, I have seen a fair few things. I’ve seen many successes and sadly some failures. Anyone who is considering starting a business, I applaud you. It is one hell of a journey, but you must be prepared. Plan, plan and plan some more. Build a solid business plan, research, leave no stone unturned. The budget for your business and for your own welfare. Have a survival fund and a plan B. Above all, have confidence in yourself and don’t give up on that dream.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
“The future”. There are so many avenues we wish to explore, so many ideas to embrace and lots of personal goals to achieve. Every day is exciting and as love what we do. It’s a great feeling to love coming to work!

10- The last word or final thoughts?
Well, it’d be rude not to invite people to join us. We’d love to support any growing professional or business and potentially bring them, additional clients. Also, anyone looking for a professional is welcome to call us. Above all, we’re grateful to everyone who works with us and joins us on our adventures.

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