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Interview with David J Moore, Entrepreneur and Founder at YPN Inc

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1- Hello David, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m just a simple guy with big ideas is all. I’ve been a home mortgage loan officer for over 12 years and have worked for companies such as wells fargo home mortgage and jp morgan chase bank.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
Real Estate, Technology, Young Professionals and Startup Companies. Real Estate because I’ve been a mortgage lender for so long, I have a lot of knowledge to give to people when it comes to buying a home. Technology because I’ve always been fascinated with SEO, Website design and things of that nature. Also because while a kid we didn’t have much technology, so I’m working on a couple of prototype software that hopefully will have a positive impact on society as a whole. I just also find technology fascinating.
Young Professionals because we all started out somewhere and I want to help people get as much help as they can with their professional careers. It probably has to do with the fact that I am a single dad raising 4 teenage kids currently and so I am constantly having to learn about the younger age myself while passing on what knowledge I do have to somebody younger than myself. I like to see people succeed.

3- How do you describe your “YPN” in few words?
Young, Full of Energy, Thirsty for knowledge and Innovation for the Young Real Estate Agent, or the Entrepreneur.

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4- Where do you think you are making an impact?
By staying positive and encouraging to the people who read my blogs and follow me. I am constantly giving as much information as possible without people having the fear of me being just some sales guy who’s going to put them on a list and spam their inbox to death. Knowledge & Wisdom are what I want to impart to the younger generation, not sleazy sales gimmicks that used to work in the past.
I have over 100K loyal followers between Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook and they have yet to get one email from myself except for helpful information which helps them out with their career. I also just recently developed a custom search engine designed specifically for young professionals which help to eliminate a lot of websites out there which just end up on a sales page. I think young professionals should be able to do good research about subjects they are interested in whether it’s real estate or starting a business, without having the fear of constant redirects and lack of adequate information.

5- What are some things that most people don’t know about your journey?
Being a startup is one of the hardest things you can ever do in your life. There are plenty of nights I do not sleep, but you have to keep your head down and continue and plug away at your goals. Nobody will walk up to you and hand you anything, almost everything you will have to work your very hardest at. But always keep your eyes on the end goals and never let any people, places, or situations take you away from what you can become with your life.

6- The Real Estate industry is very changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Depending on where the industry changes go, I actually see a lot more automation happening within the mortgage lending and real estate industry. When I worked for chase bank they were already experimenting with many things that the normal consumer can do right from their computer. I can see YPN being a big part of the hopeful change the Real Estate Industry needs to be a part of, especially since the average age of a Realtor in the US is over 55 years old.
That will leave over 92 million millennials with a huge age and cultural gap that must be filled somehow and there is simply not enough realtors to fill it currently. Getting a little more automation would definitely help save on time and efficiency when people are out looking to buy a home or condo.

7- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while starting “YPN”?
Just that I jumped in head first like I always do with my projects. I had forgotten how challenging it is for a young startup to make it in the business world without the necessary capital to fund expensive marketing projects like the big companies have.
Thank goodness for social media nowadays.

8- What are you most excited about at the moment?
I am excited to work with a bunch of young developers from my old university who are involved with their masters in computer technology. I have been a real estate professional my whole life, but I am kind of secretly a nerd who loves all that tech stuff even though I don’t quite understand everything. I just happened to get lucky and several students from India have reached out to me to start development on a few projects I have going on right now. We can always use more people however so get a hold of me if interested.

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9- What can you tell to young people who are pursuing their dreams?
Never give up no matter what anybody tells you. In order to really follow your dreams, you will possibly lose close friends and relatives even who do not want you to progress with your life. However, do not allow negative beliefs that others have to determine your future. You Can Do It!
Feel Free to reach out to us if you ever need any encouragement or anything. My phone is always on for the young professional.

10- The last Word or final thoughts?
Take each day and make it count. Never take even one breath of life for granted. I recently came down with some medical complications which make me look at life differently now, however, I am glad I made the choice to pursue my dreams a little over a year ago, because in just one year I have been able to spend more time getting to know my parents, myself and more importantly my kids, which I would have never been able to if I hadn’t had made the difficult choice to start my own corporation. If a stubborn old knucklehead mortgage loan officer like me can do it, any of you can do it also.
Just never give up at doing what you are passionate about and your dreams and business goals will all come true.

To know more about and his company please visit:

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