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Interview With Designer, Director, Fashion Model And KME’s CEO, Minzly

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1- Hello Minzly, Can you please introduce yourself?

My name Is Minzly. I am a Custom garment designer, director and fashion model. It is a mouth full but the content I create is as well. I am 25 years old and currently live in Houston, Texas. Recently moved here from Philadelphia, PA; that is where I still consider home. I have recent publications of my vision and personal style in magazines such as The Fader, Nylon Mag, Complex Style to name a few. My modeling career has landed me in fashion shows and TV shows produced by VFiles, MTV and Viacom.

2- What are your focus areas and why?

My focus areas are Modeling, designing custom garments and directing visuals (music videos, film and commercial). I am extremely passionate about all three categories of work and see myself becoming successful in all field. When you are genuinely passionate about something answering a “why” and having to back it up gets tricky because it just comes naturally. Nothing I do is forced or because of one particular thing its just who I am.

3- How do you describe “KME” in few words?

I would describe “KME” as exactly for what it is. KME is short for King Minzly Experience”. With my garments I like to give an overall experience and vibe. Showcase different textures an patterns and from that I am able to tell a story.

4- Where do you think it’s making an impact?

I think right now its making its impact in the “street style” side of things. This will however change in fact once we get the website up and going this year.

5- What the word “Design” really means to you?

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The word design to me means one being able to create. Create as an individual wth not being told what you are creating is right or wrong. Its is YOUR masterpiece. Being able to even tell people “I’ve designed this myself” is an accomplishment in its own.

6- And where do you see “KME” in the next 5 years?

I see KME in the next 5 years at its prime as a brand and being well known internationally. Lines wrapped around the corner during my Paris Fashion Week presentation with tons of press dying to get in. Seriously can not wait!

7- If you could turn the time, what would you love to change in regards to way you launched KME?

Tbh nothing. I do not like being in my head with what ifs and how comes. Everything is a blessings that has already happened for KME. Being able to talk to artist such as Quavo (of The Migos) backstage at Jmbalaya fest and give him a custom piece IN-PERSON while not evening having a website yet is insane.

8- What is the “one-word” advice you will give to our readers when it comes to succeeding and especially the ones who are just starting?

The one-word advice I would give to readers is: WORK. Work hard, work long, work everyday and work non-stop. You have to put your everything into this; day and night. Weekends aren’t meant to just party and celebrate. Weekends are a day of the week just as Monday so WORK on Saturday and Sunday with that same energy. You have to put in that work!

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

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I am most excited about finally getting a jump start on my documentary. Really think this project will showcase everything about me as an individual and artist that goes without say. I started off modeling but being as though I am only 5’5 I knew I needed to give another part of me and execute with that as well. So thats when my passion for fashion and style started to peak through and people started giving me recognition for dressing so unorthodox. Little did people know the whole time I was also the one designing these pieces they seen me displaying in photos. I just didn’t know how to market all of this on my own but hopefully with the help of my new manager Aiden Crowley I will be able to get it going the right way. This documentary was his idea.

10- The last word or final thoughts?

Make sure you guys follow me on all social media platforms @kingminzly and be on the look out for the official KME website premiere 2019.

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