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Interview With Digital Entrepreneur, Liz Shy

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It seems like these days more and more people are discovering the secret formula to escaping the disruptive “9-17:00” module, leaving their day job and creating a passive income of tens of thousands of dollars a month without leaving their home and with minimal time investment. Liz Shay, an internet entrepreneur, and a digital marketing expert insists that anyone with a little time and internet connection can do it, even if they have absolutely no technical skills or marketing experience.

1- Liz,what does it mean to be an internet entrepreneur?

In general, it means having an online business that generates monthly income on an automatic basis. It means tons of free time and enough money to do whatever you want, with no boss over your head and no limitations of time or place.

2- For the benefit of those who don’t really understand, could you elaborate a bit?

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The truth is that today it is easier than ever to escape the old concept of time equals money and create passive income from the Internet. And there are a lot of ways to do that and one of them (which is what I do) is affiliate marketing. It means getting paid for bringing visitors to a certain offer (whether it’s a product, a form, a program etc.).  now of course it’s not that simple, it actually must be done in a very orderly manner and there are special techniques to do that (In my course I am teaching exactly how to do it), but the point is everyone can learn how to do that, with a little guidance, and as long as he or she has self-discipline. However, this is not a get rich quick plan. In the beginning, it does require a time investment, as also a little money. In other words – if you’re not serious about it, if you have no intention of investing, you better not get into it.

3- How did you become a digital entrepreneur?

Three years ago, I got into huge debts. I worked as a lawyer in this law firm, lot of hours. I earned well, but the debts consumed my entire salary. I envied my friends for being able to buy expensive clothes or go to the gym or to the hairdresser, or to restaurants or on vacations . I could not even afford a cup of coffee outside. One day my son came home from school crying because his classmates mocked him for wearing the same clothes all the time. I felt like my heart is breaking, the tears choked my throat. that was my wake up call. I realized that by complying with my situation I was hurting my kids and it killed me.

that night I sat in front of my computer until 3 o’clock in the morning. Since my entire time was wasted at the office (being an employee) I aimed my searches at finding a way in which I could generate at least 3,000$ a month without having to spend more than 2 hours a day. I read about eBay and Amazon, but I realized these areas were old.  And flooded anyway. I read about the stock market but it required money investment and I had no money to invest.

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Around 3 a.m I encountered an ad about affiliate marketing. Make a long story short – this ad turned into a course, the course into pasion within less than two years I managed to pay off 137,000$ of debts, quit my day job and generate thousands of dollars passive income. Today I earn more than enough money to provide for my family, and tons of free time to spend with my family and friends. I am finally free.

4- You mentioned before you have a course. There are lots of courses out there, inwhat way is yours different?

Well  first of all, most courses put their emphasys on imparting knowledge. I’m not saying that’s bad, but aquiring knowledge without applying it won’t generate you money. people don’t need another course for that purpose. In fact – there’s a lot of knowledge on the Internet, and maybe it is more harmful than useful .What people really need is to be taken step by step, they need to be a part of the proccess so they can actually apply the knowledge. And that’s what my course is all about. Actually it’s more like a bootcamp, which includes a step by step working plan, including homework and scheduled tasks that accompanies the student in the process of setting up an affiliate marketing business .

In addition , anyone who joins my course gets instant access to a closed community of marketers who help you , support you and guide you all the way – Kind of a support group , or group mentoring if you like . I’m also in this group of course.

5- Which makes your course much more expensive than the others?

Actually, currently, joining my course does not cost money. I know you’re probably thinking “yeah right”. But I promise it’s not one of those “free mini-courses” that ends up trying to sell you the actual (quite expensive) course. It’s IS the full course and it’s free.

6- Ok but still, why would you do that ?

Look , I know what it’s like to feel trapped . I know what it’s like to feel like a loser, to be envy .I know what it feels like to know that your child is hurt because of your actions.  I wouldn’t wish that to any mother. That’s  the truth . I am not gonna try to sell you any courses . I make my money from affiliate marketing not from selling courses like all these mentors out there.

Now I am well aware of that, that not everyone who’d join my course will implement what I teach. And I’m talking about all these KNOW IT ALLS who are bussy with consuming knowledge and never take actions , those who are sure that money will fall on them from heaven and are not willing to invest . They will probably spend their whole lives searching for a formula for getting rich quickly and end their lives regretting they didn’t act.

On the other hand, there are the winners – those who will appreciate this opportunity, put their whole into it , apply the lessons , practice , invest time and money and see remarkable results .

7- Tips for anyone interested in entering the field?

First of all, I must make something very clear: This is not an easy market . If you put yourself into it and learn and apply – then yes you can certainly generate remarkable income and quit your day job . But it is definitely not for lazy people . To get to the point where your business generates enough passive income to allow you to quit your job you need to work hard , invest ( both time and money ), try again and again and yes , also fail occasionally, learn from it and keep moving.

On the other hand, my course is a rare and one-time opportunity to escape the 9:00-17:00 jail and truly create a financial independence. For now, this opportunity is free. The reason I’m saying “for now” is because there is a limit to the number of people I can guide the same time, I will probably close the registration if there are too many subscribers. As long as it is open – you better hurryup and take your seat before someone else does. I only have one request – I invested a lot of time and money in this course. If you are not serious, don’t deny this opportunity from others who are.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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