Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Interview With Entrepreneur & 1001networks’ Founder, Damien Chapus

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1- Hello Damien, can you please tell us a bit about you?

I was born in 1983 in Valence in the south of France, I have 3 kids, I founded 1001networks.com & I’m from now CEO of my own company named 1001Networks.

2- What are your focus areas and why?

I focus on areas on intelligent systems research and development throughout algorithms, in the most minimalist ways to improve the experience of life. I’ve always thought that any experiences are well better appreciated when I accurately focus on the real & most important things that I don’t often take any attention. I’d love to bring to any user an innovating way to find the most « realistic » answer that we’ve always search on the internet. A True, wise & beneficial answer.

3- How would you describe “1001networks” in a few words?

1001Networks.com is a website dedicated to any professionals in which they use transports as the strategic key to their market worldwide. 1001Networks spots only qualified reviews written by professionals in order to display the most popular & best transport from a city to another one worldwide.

4- Where do you think it’s making an impact?

The real impact of this innovating technology is that for the time any users can quickly find the best of the best delivery solution from a city to another one, worldwide. As I truly know the reliability kills hidden costs such as wasted time to find the best delivery solution or time spent to satisfactory the final customer in every way on a damaged or lost parcel, even for very late delivery.

5- Do you think your mindset has anything to do with your success?

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Yes absolutely, I train hard my mindset before, and I always need to get it stronger, day by day, time after time. My best success overall is probably to make my mindset as I’m today. Sometimes I’ve got the feeling to do not have any positive emotions with my kids, and it’s the hardest feeling, but its simply that I’m roughly trained to do not react of any kinds of emotions, I think you worst enemy in life is yourself by reacting not rationally with emotion to negative things. that when I stepped forward on the level up, when I loved & tamed emotions through the failures that I’ve riched this weakness feeling to get ready to start my business and identification negative people that always surrounded me.

6- What advice would you give to young people just starting out and hoping to make it?

Turn off the TV, wake up, put your headphones, go to the gym or in nature, and dare to fight against your worst fears to triumph on every little victory, every day. Educate yourself to the art of leaving & act now and only now. Love the process, be humble, trust strong in something.

7- Do you find as an expert, that you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex with the game rules that are always changing?

I’ve always trusted in Karma and from now it’s been always brought to me back as positive act, I never considered myself as an expert because I love to learn every day, I roughly trust that I’m surrounded by people and things only by who I finally I’am, so I don’t care of the game rules changing in my ways. I try to have discipline and humility to appreciate & play with new rules.

8- And where do you see the company in the next 5 years?

I don’t have any plan for the next 5 years, hope my attitude will guide me to peace & happiness anyways & at anytime. I’m currently focused, at first, to appreciate the success to launch & introduce 1001networks.com in the best way as possible.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

At this time, I’m not really excited, I have the true feeling of achievement, that soft feeling when you think you have spent 5 years to build a strong project with poor experience, the feeling when you roughly trust that you have to stop your plan because you’re alone with yourself, nobody trust in your project, and laughs at you, and finally nothing can help you. That feeling when finally you find the deepest force in yourself to get up and keep a step forward, that unique feeling when you arrive on one of the highest summits of your own capabilities and plant the flag and take the time to contemplate a 360-degree vision of the outstanding landscape. That moment when you see from far away your next summit to conquer. I’m impressed by myself and it’s well assumed.

10- The last word or final thoughts?

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1001Networks is not a company it’s a part of my lifestyle and I’m really happy & proud to introduce it. Thank you so much.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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