Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview With Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Professional Front-end Developer, Andrew Knight

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1- Hello Andrew, Can you please introduce yourself?
Sure! My name is Andrew Knight, and I’m a front-end developer based out of Connecticut. I run a development company named Andrew Knight New Canaan. I like to think of myself as a problem solver, and I use my technology skills to help clients solve their problems in the most effective way possible.

2- What pushes you to work in the technology field?
I’ve noticed over time that as our society becomes increasingly dependent on technology, there is becoming a skill gap in our workforce. There are thousands of Americans with brilliant ideas who simply have no way to bring their ideas to fruition. That’s where I come in. I help these inventors and entrepreneurs by providing them with the technical know-how they’ve been lacking to bring their idea to the consumer.

3-How do you describe your work in a few words?
I use a focused, effective, and targeted application of technology to bring concepts to life.

4- How do you think technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are changing the future of website development?
I think that anyone who is really committed to their craft will see these sorts of new technology as a powerful tool to help their clients reach their goals. Specifically, with the spread of AMP, I’ve seen that many clients had no idea how important making a website mobile friendly can be. Now though AMP I’m able to create a beautiful, fast, and a responsive mobile-friendly site that my clients will be happy with.

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5- What advice would you like to give to those just starting in the Digital Marketing Business?
I would say that it’s easy to get sidetracked with what looks creative and lose sight of what is the best fit for a company’s clientele. There should always be a balance between the creative and the functional. A beautiful website that customers struggle to use is worthless. Likewise, any content added to a website should serve a specific purpose for your customers and not just add to the clutter.

6- Some big development firms still can’t make a decision about the importance of the new trends, what do you say about that?
I think this speaks to the advantages and disadvantages of using a small firm as opposed to some larger company. When a business only has 1-2 developers, it’s very easy to learn new tools and adapt. However, the larger firms who have 20+ developers may find it extremely time-consuming and costly to retrain their entire staff when a new technology comes out. My advice to these larger companies would be to create specialties within your workforce. Have 2-3 developers who are skilled in any given area so all your bases will be covered at minimal cost.

7- What is the real value digital marketing presents while other Marketing techniques can’t?
That would probably be the ability for digital marketing efforts to scale and reach an unlimited audience without any additional cost. Unlike traditional marketing where an ad can only appear on a certain channel at a certain time, or you can only send out the number of mailers you physically create, digital efforts are put out into the world for all to see. In this sense, they have the greatest chance to return significant value for the investment.

8- What is the “one-word” advice you will give to our readers when it comes to succeeding in web development?
Focus. All your problems can be solved with enough motivation and attention to detail.

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9- Do you find as an expert, that you enjoy the challenge of an industry being complex and where the rules are always changing?
Absolutely. If the technology and trends weren’t constantly changing it would be easy to fall into a rut and apply a cookie-cutter approach to all the websites I design. I like to make every deliverable unique and tailored to the needs of the customer, so new technologies can only enhance my ability to do so.

10- The last word or final thoughts?
For anyone looking to get into the field, I would encourage you to start small and work your way up. There are platforms like WordPress that can give you a solid grasp of the basic concepts before even touching a line of code. Familiarize yourself with these tools and expand your knowledge outward until you’re able to combine these tools into a beautiful and functional website.

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Noelle Elia
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