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Interview With Entrepreneur & WeddingBox Marbella’s CEO, Mitsy Soto Zayas

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1- Hello Mitsy, can you please tell us a bit about you?

My name is Mitsy and I am a Cuban-born entrepreneur and CEO of WeddingBox Marbella. I have had a heart for hosting & event planning since I was a little girl back in my hometown. I have graduated from the University of Havana with a degree in Art History and from Les Roches Marbella with a Postgraduate in International Hotel Management. My extensive career in hospitality and certification in Wedding Planning has allowed me to see every aspect of the event industry in detail.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to make a living doing what I truly love helping couples realize their vision and make their dream event come to life!

2- What are your focus areas and why?

I am deeply committed to making sure that I truly listen to each couple. We support our clients in implementing whatever works for them, but without losing sight of the guest experience.

We also encourage them to think outside the box and to remember that it is their party and that they should do what really speaks to them and reflect their personalities. This would be -in my experience-the secret sauce for having that memorable wedding everybody will be talking about for many years afterward!

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Besides, at WeddingBox Marbella we stand for diversity, freedom in love and we won’t stand for anything less than perfect!

Our policy is to answer every inquiry immediately and try to be as helpful as possible and to always come up with a solution!
We do not settle, and instead, always try to wildly exceed clients’ expectations!

3- How would you describe “WeddingBox Marbella” in a few words?

WeddingBox Marbella could be described as a company that exists solely to help couples create their dream vision through the execution of a stress-free, relaxed and enjoyable planning process that inevitably ends with a memorable experience.

This way our couples can concentrate on what matters most: sharing every minute with their loved ones without having to worry about the logistics and smaller details as they know it is all being taken care of.

As a company, we do not want to be big, we just want to be meaningful and special for the couples who trust in us and in our ability to deliver outstanding results.

4- Why do you think marrying in Marbella is so appealing?

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I believe Marbella offers it all to couples from around the world.

 If you are searching for a destination that could offer from the utmost extravagance to the most idyllic and intimate location- and everything else in between- where should you celebrate your ideal wedding? you need to look no further. Marbella ticks all the boxes.

 This is a multicultural city that enjoys all the modern facilities and that is conveniently located in the heart of Europe making any logistical arrangements easier to implement and more budget-friendly.

The destination has plenty of charm and style and a variety of places for dining and enjoying the nightlife, but also activities for the fun-seekers Marbella is sure to cater to all tastes…

We have an abundance of sunny days and blissful weather most of the year, which allows for our wedding season to extend deep into the autumn months. This time of the year would prove invaluable for money-savvy couples.

On top of that, visitors will have fabulous food, music, and culture to experience!

Marbella in a few words: Sunshine, sandy beaches, romance, and Spanish charm!

5- Do you think integrity is an essential part of the entrepreneurial spirit?

I am a huge believer in Integrity as a core principle of the entrepreneurial spirit. In this time and age when privacy or data security is practically non- existent and when it is so hard to trust anyone, it is like a breath of fresh air to find a service provider you can believe in- I am drawing here from my own experience as a consumer.

From our first interaction with our customers, we aim to be 100% honest since we know that it is what people are longing for. Our customers are smart and take the time to be informed and compare their choices especially when most of them are planning their wedding from abroad.

We aim to be transparent from the get-go, trying not to be everything to everyone or making promises we can’t fulfill.

We also believe in being present and in communicating openly with our clients, that is our ethos.

6- What advice would you give to young people just starting out and hoping to make it?

I would tell young people to believe in their ideas, in their ability to change things, even a small contribution could improve someone’s life.

As the Dalai Lama has said: “If you think you are too small to make an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito “.

Take the time to become familiar with your strengths and your weaknesses which only comes with self-awareness.

Ask yourself every day if you are growing or learning something new.
And never forget the child you still have inside…!

7- Do you find as an entrepreneur, that you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex with the game rules that are always changing?

Yes! That’s what keeps it fun and exciting. I love all the new styles and ideas that come around each year. It is an industry that is constantly innovating and being disrupted from every corner…

Now, we are witnessing that major emphasis is being placed on personalization, on the uniqueness of the venues and on the experience as a whole- mainly among our younger couples. The impact that Social Media is having on the way our couples are finding inspiration and connecting with the whole planning process can’t be ignored. As a result, our clients are more educated and expect from us more involvement at all stages and the delivery of a final product that differentiates from what they are seeing online.

This dynamic nature demands that you -as a wedding professional- keep constantly learning, engaging, networking and experimenting in order to keep ahead of your game! Non-stop…

8- If you could turn the time, what would you love to change in regards to your career?

I do not have any regrets about my career…This moment is perfect as it is! If I had to give an answer, however, I would say I wish I had become a wedding planner sooner…!

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

We’re right in the middle of summer and as we’re busy with this season’s weddings, we’re seeing a surge of more and more couples wanting to marry in Spain and Marbella in particular. It’s a very exciting time! 

From the tech side- where we always try to keep up- to date-we are  implementing a new platform ”Aisle Planner” that allows us to manage and integrate all our processes and systems in a seamless manner which, no doubt, will ensure a more satisfactory customer experience for all our couples in every step of their journey with us.

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