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Interview with Ferah Ana Maria Seceta, founder of Moaryarty Dev

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Ferah Ana Maria Seceta
Ferah Ana Maria Seceta

1- Hello Ferah, can you tell us a bit about yourself
I am a creative & innovative web developer who codes ideas by building crafted online experiences. My purpose is to create meaningful brands that will inspire passionate followers.
The borderline is where artistry meets strategic thinking which will turn your brand into life and get your followers to take actions. I offer competitive rates, a fast turn around and exceptional quality.
My marketing background gives me a greater understanding of how web design can positively impact businesses. I guess once a coder always a coder.

2- How would you describe “Moaryarty Dev” in under few words?
Moaryarty Dev Dev. is a modern digital agency that uniquely combine professionalism and a cosmopolitan approach with a culture of responsibility that has been developed through time. Formed with the specific mission of helping business owners who are looking to look professional at an affordable price. We firmly believe that collaboration is key to the success of every project and we are committed to your success. We will go the extra mile to achieve our goal, which is – Your satisfaction. The first and the foremost objective of this team is to attain 100% client satisfaction. Our work process, methodologies, business terms and communications are designed for a complete convenience of our clients.

3- What are your focus areas and why?
I love e-commerce a lot the segment itself and also building online stores. My favorite platform is Magento due to its strength but also its sensitivity. As Magento is a really complex platform for e-commerce but also flexible it allows me to add value to it. I enjoy everything that starts with a certain amount of challenge and creativity. Lately, I have expanded to WordPress as well and those are the content management systems I work with as currently they are easy to manage by my not tech savvy clients and also can be expanded to a point that can be limited only by imagination and knowledge.

4- How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
Being a developer myself, I understand easily the workflow as well as the clients needs, therefor translating them into requirements or code is something I can easily handle. Although we work in a very flexible way, using the latest trends, is a client-focused agency.

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5- Where do you think “Moaryarty Dev” is making an impact?
Moaryarty is meant to be a trendsetter agency with a team of dedicated developers willing to go those extra miles in order to build lasting web presences. It is focusing on quality and not on quantity, on the expansion of knowledge and the growth of a community around it. Due to its transparency, flexibility and constant availability, we gained a reputation of reliable and trustable web agency.

6- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
I really love my job and my work and me personally I can’t commit to something I don’t believe in and that is why each day is a new excitement. I study a lot to keep myself up-to-date in order to be able to provide my clients the best web solutions for their business, service or product. I enjoy each new client and the discovery process is quite fascinating as it allows me to learn more about people, areas of expertize and their vision and goals while the beauty starts when I start coding them into a web presence.

7- Design world is always changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Currently, I am enjoying each step of tech changings. Nobody can actually predict where design will be after 5 years but I am absolutely sure that I will be present in the same domain. I am focusing on developing my own products which will be launched soon (#moonlight) as it allows me to transpose better with no restrictions my creativity. I will surely focus more into consultancy, investments and giving back to the community as my knowledge is my responsibility.

8- And what were some of the biggest challenges you encountered personally?
My biggest challenge is time. Although, I do a lot of planning, organizing and time-management there are so many things to learn, to do and to achieve. Along the way, I had plenty of setbacks but I have also seen them as new opportunities either to evaluate my current or future situation or re-organizing into something/someone stronger. I enjoy challenges a lot, I see them as blessings which will help me grow in a better person/developer.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
Currently, I am working on a very interesting project called which will be launched end of January. It is the UK’s largest fitness comparison website. Specialising in providing a wide range of experts and health centres within the fitness industry, Workout Here is the home of reputable elite fitness professionals, quality gyms, affordable studios, sports and health centres across the UK. Whether it is a rugby coach, football field, gym or physiotherapist, Workout Here has an easy to use platform so that users can find what they are looking for at the click of a button.

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10- A last word or final thoughts?
Looking for new challenging opportunities that will make best of my existing skills & experiences and also my personal development but until then enjoying each step at a time making best usage of my time.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
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