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Interview with Filip Martinka, Founder at Goldwriter

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Filip Martinka
Filip Martinka

1- Hello Filip, can you tell us a bit about yourself
Hello! Gladly. I’m Filip Martinka, 24 years old and from Bratislava, Slovakia. I’ve had a tremendously insane life story that would take too long to explain, so I’ll leave that open for another day. I started working as a copywriter when I was 16 for a local company called Accalio, and then decided to expand out into the internet.
Now I’m the Vice President of a rather successful copywriting business called Goldwriter.

2- How would you describe a “Goldwriter” in a few words? is a copywriting service that offers tailored marketing text, creative branding and positioning strategies. We are specialized exclusively in persuasion, user experience, and inbound lead generation. Most of our clients are from the technology sector, and many are B2B.

3- How did you first get the idea to start “Goldwriter”?
I found that copywriting is actually one of the few fields where nostalgia can be a benefit. Oldschool copywriting up until the 1970s has great style and a much stronger focus on persuasion. Back then, every word you published cost money and it would have to be worth the expense. At Goldwriter, we require that any copy that we write must perform a certain amount of ‘work’ on the reader before it’s done.
To explain it using a metaphor, the way you present your company or yourself to the world must be transmuted from lead to gold. Into something malleable and most importantly, shiny.
The origin of the name itself is rather funny. One of my clients once called me the “Goldwriter” because of my high B2B response rates while mading a joke about James Bond and Goldfinger. I thought this was a great name (it reminded me of another successful copywriter, Chris “Moneyfingers” Haddad), and it stuck.

4- For some people “Copywriting” is a very wide term, how can you explain it to our readers?
If you’ve seen Mad Men, and watched the characters work, you probably have a good idea of what copywriting, branding, and positinoning is. If not, let me explain.
Copywriting is the process of writing any marketing materials or any text at all which will represent your company or self. Copywriting is different from regular writing because it needs to have a call to action, and it needs to convert. The more creative and simple at the same time, the better.
A call of action is a statement which persuades the user to do something. For example, buy a soda. And what we call ‘converting’ is the process of getting the highest possible percentage of readers on board with the product or service, and ‘converting’ them into paying customers.
At Goldwriter, we write homepages, landing pages, radio scripts, press releases, video scripts, newsletters, cold calling scripts and e-mails, and anything else in this niche.

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5- How does copywriting helps to persuade and bring more clients?
The text on your website and your advertisements is the face of your company. It presents the culture and message of your company, and helps people understand what you are all about. If you have very low quality copywriting, and very little of it, then people might assume that your company is bad even if you are providing a great product.
If you have very high quality copywriting, people will assume your product is better than it actually is. Apple is a great example. While all competitors were saying how many gigabytes their product had, Apple said “10,000 songs in your pocket”. And they won. That’s the power of copywriting.

6- How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
We focus on creative branding and positioning to make your business the first, the best, or the most “………..” on the market, whatever that may be. We also care much more about the psychological effect and influence that your content will have on your potential customers, rather than focus on how fancy it sounds.

7- Do you think new start-ups should hire a copywriter before going live?
It depends. If your product is complicated or brand new, I would definitely consider hiring a copywriter to explain it better. If you are starting in a category with a vast amount of competition, you will definitely need a great copywriter or you will have almost no chance to succeed. However, sometimes it is enough to hire a copywriter in the beginning to create a style guide for your business, which contains instructions you can then follow on your own.
The 3 companies that can benefit most from copywriters are:
1. Start-ups a few months before going live. Especially if the product addresses a very, very narrow niche.
2. Established companies that have been around for a long time but never updated their website or run an ad campaign.
3. Companies that create a product or service which is confusing to users and struggles to impress them, even though everyone who does purchase the product is amazed.

8- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working with some new launching start-up?
A common statistic is that 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. Many start-ups have unrealistic expectations about what their product can do, or how many people they can reach. But the biggest challenge I have encountered with start-ups, in almost 99% of all cases, is deadline management.
When someone tells you “we are launching in one month”, just pretend they said three months. I have never ever seen a brand new start-up that launched on the date that they announced to their employees, or even to their community. Brand new start-ups underestimate the amount of time it takes to launch. This is especially true in the software industry.
Naturally, it is also much better for the quality of the product if the company is not under considerable pressure right from the start.

9- What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started as a copywriter?
It’s difficult. You must be great at persuading people if you want live off of your earnings. First, choose a very specific niche. For example, say you are a “direct e-mail copywriter in the hotel industry” or an “explainer video script writer for software”. Try to choose whatever is the most comfortable for you, because you will be writing A LOT. The more specific your niche, the better your chances at getting hired in that niche.
Next, create a large portfolio (in .pdf format) of relevant work and start building a LinkedIn profile with lots of connections. Keep an eye open for Linkedin “L.I.O.N.S”, open networkers who will accept any connection. They can help you expand your connections.
Buy a “.com” or “.net” web domain for yourself and add a contact form (you can use Google forms) so that people can request to hire you. Then you will have to engage with clients on various freelancing sites and over LinkedIn, to find qualified employers who will be willing to hire you. Get acquainted with the industry you are aiming towards, and go and meet some people!

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10- A last Word or final thoughts?
Never give up! Thank you for your time.

To know more about Filip please visit his personal website at

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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