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Interview With Flow Coach & Flozone Academy’s Founder, Sumedh Chatterjee

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1- Hello Sumedh, can you please tell us a bit about you?

What’s up? My name is Sumedh Chatterjee but people know me as “Sume”, I am the Founder and Director of Flozone Academy. I am an agent of transformation, elite peak performance coach and a creativity catalyst. I’m on a global mission to change the frequency of the planet. I help overwhelmed creatives with information overload, blocked expression, and stagnancy. I facilitate and individuals tap into the Flow state for generating Long term Happiness and inner peace and breaking out of the destructive artist stereotype.

2- What are your focus areas and why?

I focus mainly on three areas:

  1. Creativity (This is responsible for Innovation, Problem solving and Optimization).
  2. Transformation (This is a.k.a. Alchemy, turning negative to positive or a state of mind to a different state).
  3. Mastery (Skill building, experimentation and Maximizing ones strengths).

This is all overarching against a common theme of “FLOW” (A state of optimal peak performance). I use positive psychology concepts along with brainwave entrainment. We use the FLOW CYCLE- “Struggle, Release, Flow, Recovery” and the GROW model – “Goals, Reality, Options, Way forward” as a guide too.

3- How would you describe “Flozone Academy” in few words?

I would describe Flozone as “A Peak Performance Institute and educational coaching program for Research, Accountability, State-control, Facilitation and Mind-Body-Spirit connection.”

4- Where do you think you are making an impact?

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I think the biggest impact comes from shaping people’s lives for the better and helping them to overcome roadblocks stopping them from achieving a life of Flow. Once we go through the B-E-S model for the academy, it really is about using this as an extended system for life mastery. Flow has an impact on every little area of life and makes things more effortless, fun and positive. Clients and students of the academy report changes in mood, relationships and productivity.

5- Do you think your mindset has anything to do with your success?

100%. I believe it all starts in the mind and the internal world reflects out into the external world.

With a strong mindset you get “Theatro-plasticity” as I like to call it, a behaviour change method using dramatic strategies I created after my junior year of college. It’s this ability to merge Neuroplasticity with Theatre and acting techniques.

Having a growth mindset is really key. It’s the single most important thing we can build. Mindsets are not just important for learning new skills. They can affect the way that we think about everything!

6- What the word “Flow” really means to you?

FLOW is the TAO. The way towards happiness. For me, Flow is as close as the meaning of life that I can understand. The Altered States Economy is a Trillion Dollar Industry. People want to get out of their heads and get their inner critics offline. Flow is a state where you’re so immersed and enjoying a task or activity that nothing else matters. Time distorts. Ego falls away and all you’re left with is this magical moment of creation and joy. Flow really is one of the top states and tools for us to raise our frequencies. By following our passions, we really can figure out our purpose and alter our states.

7- Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

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I see myself being a pioneer in Flow coaching and consulting, doing things like workshops, seminars, retreats, group coaching and helping companies get into and maintain Flow as well.

8- Do you find as an expert, that you enjoy the challenge of an industry being complex and the game rules are always changing?

I love a challenge, without challenge and skill-building life would be either boring or riddled with anxiety. I think complexity is an important aspect of being in Flow and being totally integrated, it’s like a conductor being in charge of an orchestra. I think the constant tiny upgrade progression treadmill is beneficial and sometimes we can overcomplicate things in our minds, however when we are versatile, adaptable and open-minded to what is coming, we can truly thrive in any environment. Recently saw a quote that said – “Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of consciousness.” I truly resonate with this.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

I am excited to see where my business and life will unfold. I am at a transitional phase in my life and going into this passion has been a risk and investment, however, I think with my dedication, belief, hard work, and grit, it will evolve into something I can be extremely proud of. I am excited about the new adventures my life! Upwards spiral gang.

10- The last word or final thoughts?

Shout out to all my girlfriend, mentors, coaches, friends, family, critics- everybody! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be the man I am today and with that I want to say one final thing – the thing I end all my live videos with…

May the Flow be with you.

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