With unique designs and great inspiration, Gabe Sanchez is leading the team of SanchezDZN to produce some of the most beautiful design in today market. And I have the chance to interview him to know more about a designer life.

1- Tell us a bit about yourself and your position at SanchezDZN
My name is Gabe, I am business major and have been graphic designing since 2008. It was always a dream to have my own agency and team of designers. Aside of the backend task that a normal CEO handles, I am also the creative director, making sure all my designers are exceeding our client’s expectations.

Gabe Sanchez


2- How would you describe SanchezDZN in few words?
We are a creative graphic design agency. We specialize in brand development. Aside from that, whether you’re needing a logo, website, invitation, flyer, stationery or advertisement designs, we have all the creativity needed to make sure you’re satisfied. Customer experience is our first priority. We want to make sure that there are only positive remarks about our company.

3- How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
Graphic design is a very competitive market. It was/is very important to hire designers that have specializations in all fields of graphic design. Example: If you need a website designed/developed, our award winning web designer Michal would be handling your request. We promise that regardless of what you need, we will assign a designer who does it in their sleep.

4- I found your style very unique and catchy; can you describe your creative process?
Our first step is to get a very good understanding of the organization or person we’re working with. We aim to portray that personality into the design. A key part of building a brand is to have an emotional connection when your target market views your logo, product or website. Once we’ve dialed into a creative idea, we build each piece of the design individually to perfection.

5- Outside of other design and illustration, what sorts of things inspire and influence your work?
As cheesy as it sounds, just driving down the road. Funny scenario: One of our very first projects was a local bed and breakfast company needing a logo. I was just a one-man team at the time, and I couldn’t find a good sketch to go off of. After running into a major creative block, I drove to get some food and as I was passing a small playa lake, I could see the sun and skies reflection on the water waving back and forth. It slapped me in the face. I slammed on the breaks, drove home and without even sketching, I immediately digitized what I saw in my head and sent to the customer. She was just as amazed. I kept the story to myself.

6- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
Being an owner is tough. It takes a lot of dedication, patience, and most importantly effort. It’s easy to say those three words in one breath but sticking to them in the right state of mind has been the biggest challenges. I am getting better and better as our business continues to grow but in the beginning, there was definitely some worry.

7- Who are some of your design heroes?
Travis Howell, owner of Creative Grenade. He owns a design company that specializes in the eSports industry (online competitive gamers). He built his business while in school and while working a full-time job while raising his daughter. He has become a good friend of mine and I cherish the talks him and I have had.

8- How do you stay on top of current design trends?
Reading magazines, going to art shows, surfing the web or just watching TV. Design is everywhere and is ever thing. Just like fashion what used to be old can very quickly be the new and the new can quickly become the old.

9- what tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in design?
Keep learning and practicing. Our commercial designer has been designing for over 15 years consistently and he admits to still learning new techniques and shortcuts all the time. Another important tip is never undervalue yourself. A lot of people will ask you to do stuff for free or argue that your price is too high, but you should stick to what you feel you’re worth.

10- A last Word?
Graphic design is our passion. We love it and we love creating it. Our journey is just beginning. If anyone would like to chat, feel free to follow our social media pages or shoot us an email via our website. We love chatting.


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