Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Interview with Henning Christian Madsen, Water For Life’s Founder

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1- Hello Henning, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Yea I still young, have worked with entrepreneurship in near 30 years, have a nice family, and two wonderful daughters and two great Pyrenees dog. We spent a lot of time to hike in the wilderness mountains, and ski in the winter times, here in Norway.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
I have a belief at the humanitarian angel, and through my lifetime have I mostly worked with the environmental/renewable project and also been the founder for great things we now all is able to enjoin. Gas making from waste, bio-oil from wood, cleaning facility by aqua-ponds, and so.

3- How do you describe “Water For Life” in few words?
It is not old wine at new bottle, but a 360-degree turn, to show how to solve the lack of water in larger part of the world. To collect naturally recurses, and gate it over to where it’s needed.
Water-For-Life organisation is formed for the world popularisation to going together, and tell government around the world, how suitable solutions will be possible to implement.

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4- Where do you think you are making an impact?
My goal is to show people, at even an unbelievable Vision is possible to push through – with help from social media. Where people join together, and cane makes a great difference for our further popularisation.

5- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job as an environment-friendly development Expert?
Patient, it take often years to make thinks happen, most of my projects have had a developments time between 5 to 10 year. And it is impotent not to lose faith on this long road. It is not either a way to get rich, but you get wealthy in your mind.

6- The world is very changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I do believe, I stay in the middle of the progress, to bring down 1.000 m3/sec. 24/7/365 freshwater to needed surroundings in dry country’s, south from Europa. And spend my spare time with families, and our beautiful nature, and some of your friends.

7- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on “Water For Life”?
It was possibly the risk to show yourself like a complete idiot, because of my many years of thinking at this project, have it first here in the past shown to a possibility. Thinking about their wont to fly, for hundreds of years ago, their friends/families thought they were more or less crazy. But today do we honoured all these people for their effort and believing.

8- What can you tell to young people who are pursuing their dreams?
Like an entrepreneur, you must give your self-unlimited into the project – and if the dream has any type of reality, will it just be a question of your success. Unfortunately, do many great dreams stop on the lack of time/finance. We must be realistic you need to feed the horse so it can make a great race.

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9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
It warms my heart to see how people, join the movement – and the goal for over 200 thousand will soon be, and I will not be surprised to have more than 1 million followers in for the next year. If the world popularisations share this information, to families and friends will we help a great amount of the world further popularisation with supporting of freshwater?

10- The last word or final thoughts?
If your want to success it important to share your Vision, properly do their sit many around the world, their want to support your work. Many investors are afraid to tell the world about there’s great idea – with mostly one result, it will be difficult for you to pull it through. A nice comment, in a hard time, give your more strength – and money must newer be the main goal, but just a type of bonus. Tried your follower/friends with decency, and regularly give them opportunity get the update about your progress and challenges.

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