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Interview With Investor, Cryptocurrency Expert & Blogger, Saleh Stevens

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Saleh Stevens is a software engineer and an avid Bitcoin investor and evangelist. The crypto-currency expert is often consulted on matters touching on Information Technology, blockchain technology and its utilization in business. Saleh’s decision to invest in crypto-currency stems from the belief that virtual currency will dominate trade in the future. Besides Bitcoin, Saleh also follows Etherium. Etherium has grown to become the most preferred digital currency for launching Decentralized Apps (DApps) and tokens. The decentralized, smart contract platform can be purchased via mainstream monetary transfer systems like debit cards, credit cards and PayPal.

Over the years, Saleh’s ability to read the market and use advanced crypto-currency tools to his advantage has earned him a lot of profit. The tech entrepreneur uses this knowledge to help budding investors interested in establishing startups. In his personal assessment, tech startups are a core pillar of the economy since many of them act as launching pads for innovative ideas and provide a route for rapid professional advancement. Saleh’s interest in IT and entrepreneurship began while in high school. He holds a degree in software engineering and maintains a blog where readers can learn more about crypto-currency and share their thoughts.

1. Hello Saleh Stevens, can you please introduce yourself?

I am an entrepreneur and a visionary. My investments are concentrated in tech startups and crypto-currencies, specifically Bitcoin and Etherium. I have been behind a number of successful start-ups that have gone on to make tidy profits. A number of people have also found employment through these ventures. My academic background is in software engineering and business.

2. What are your areas of focus?

My interest in the disruptive blockchain technology is both progressive and well-calculated. Blockchain technology was initially developed to regulate cryptocurrencies, but its relevance has obligated other fields to adopt it. I have invested substantially in Bitcoin and Etherium and have seen my portfolio grow over time. My other area of focus is mentorship of youthful entrepreneurs.

3. How would you describe “Crypto-currency”?

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It is a virtual currency that adheres to an array of cryptographic protocols. This system of transaction is more secure and tougher to compromise. Bitcoin is the most recognized cryptocurrency. It was developed as a model, peer-to-peer cash system with no risk of duplication.

4. What areas is Crypto currency making an impact?

Crypto currencies are already having an impact in our finances. The main benefits of virtual currencies include enabling frictionless transactions and providing a hedge against inflation. A growing number of investors are also using them to diversify their portfolio. Cryptocurrency is also facing headwinds in the way of strict regulations by central banks. However, a few central banks that have expressed optimism in the currency like the Bank of England and People’s Bank of China.

5. In your judgment is security is an essential part of the game?

Security is a critical component in the crypto currency concept. Virtual currency blockchains are generally better secured thanks to the use of public and private keys. However, there may be underlying vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers. I am optimistic because the ecosystem continues to facilitate secure exchanges and isn’t supervised by a central bureaucracy.

6. What is your advice to youngsters just starting out?

Optimism is an important virtue when investing in any new instrument of wealth. I encourage young people to read stuff and learn from experts who have been in the game for a long time. Learning the ropes this way can greatly reduce the missteps and get you to a flying start.

7. As an expert, what is your assessment of challenges and the rules governing the industry?

Security is by far the biggest challenge faced by the industry as indicated by recent cases of data breaches and hacking. The other challenges faced by investors interested in cryptocurrency include transaction delays and credibility issues. It is also unfortunate that central banks around the world see crypto-currency and by enlarge the blockchain technology as antagonistic to their deeply entrenched financial system.

8. If you could reverse the clock, would you change your career direction?

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I wouldn’t make any change because blockchain is huge in every way. My background in software engineering actually prepared me well for the challenges presented by the industry.

9. What current trend excites you most?

There are a couple of trends that have huge repercussions on crypto currency and blockchain. I am thinking Internet of Things (IoT) and content streaming. The latter ensures secure data storage and enhanced interoperability. We’ve seen music and entertainment entities like Netflix use the blockchain streaming technology very successful and many others will follow this lead.

10. The last word?

If you commit yourself to any project, invest the right inputs to reap the desired results. This sentiment is important because long term succe

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