Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview with Jordan Sage is the President and CEO of International Family Brand Holdings Inc.

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1- Hello Jordan, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for success, strong drive, and motivation. I started running various businesses off and on many years ago and fell in love with the idea of being self-employed, and of course, I love having more family time and greater flexibility.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
Presently I am designing and manufacturing consumer goods, high-tech products, cosmetics, and organic food and beverage products largely because I enjoy doing it, but more over because my skillsets are in line with these areas of business and there is a strong demand for what I design and manufacture. I am also involved in international business consulting.

3- Can you tell us about “International Family Brand Holdings Inc”?
International Family Brand Holdings Inc., started in Hong Kong as International Family Brand Holdings Limited and in fact, we are expanding both corporations now giving us a better global foothold and an easier time with developing market share in some of our bigger markets. The corporation is a divisionally structured company and we are active with American-based development and of course the creation of jobs. My company is a people and family orientated business where I put people first which is a far cry from much of the corporate world today. Our insurance, flex time working schedules, paid training, paid education, and quality of life assurances are of great interest to many new applicants and college graduates.

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4- Where do you think you are making an impact?
For certain we are at least making an impact on quality of life in the American workplace that would be first and foremost and of course we are making an impact on the smaller towns we tend to operate in just outside of larger city areas with specific regard to economic growth, development, and overall good corporate governance resulting in some amazing partnerships with what I would call small town the USA, or America’s heartland.

5- Can you share with us more about your new Products and Services?
Sure. Our service line currently consists of international business development consulting, however, lately we are getting calls from small and medium sized businesses that need help gaining market share, entering new markets, expansion, doing mergers, and securing venture capital which of course I also have an interest in.
I launched the food and beverage lines which are now going into hotels and commercial airlines for example. Our new line of cosmetics is very interesting and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback about that. The high-tech piece of my company is currently focused on industrial logistics and medical/mortuary supplies.

6- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
In 5-years I will most likely be focused on going IPO and at the same time, spending more time raising my two sons.

7- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
I think that many people see me with my assistants and my team and they assume everything is done for me but in fact, I normally burn 12-hour days and it’s a hand on the wheel scenario whereby at least at this point, most CEO’s worth their salt are owning the day and running a company like this is not always easy or so glamorous. People see CEO’s on private jets as an example and view that with envious eyes, but the company or private jet is really a personal time machine of sorts to take back the day and protect time with family. I think what people really don’t know about my job as CEO or many CEO’s for that matter is that while we strive to make a great company for our employees, the other side of the coin is the balancing act with personal life and family.

8- What can you tell young people who are pursuing their dreams?
Think positive, surround yourself with positive people, avoid naysayers and keep a focus on your goals. Its more than okay to stop and smell the roses along the way, but dedication and avoiding distraction are key elements to success and realizing dreams and enjoying the fruits of your efforts.

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9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
I am most excited about some high-tech products I invented and what I am doing with those items.

10- The last word or final thoughts?
I am seeing a strong revival of business growth, investment, and the return of the American workforce this year and it is an exciting time to be an American. I would tell anyone that is thinking about starting a new business to start it now. There is no better time to pursue your dreams.

Connect with Jordan by visiting his Twitter and checking his website.


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