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Interview With Karan Singh (Loner With A Phone), Social Media Celebrity & Creative Mind

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1- Hello Karan, Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Karan AKA Loner With A Phone, a name which I gave to myself 2 years back while solo traveling in mountains with just my Snapchat. Since then I have been making different stories daily and sharing most of my life on social media.

2- What pushed you to become an Influencer on social media?

I won’t call myself exactly an influencer. This word is getting common with anyone who is getting famous on social media but I am one of the influencers as I am really not influencing anyone towards anything. You can call me a creator or entertainer or something like that. I like to create funny stories and posts and share my life in a funny way. I started it to escape from work and it is still my biggest escape and I feel good making people smile every once in a while.

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3- How do you describe your real work in few words and also why don’t you like talking about it?

I have an e-commerce brand in the US which sells different kind of merchandise. I like to keep my work and social media life separate. I will share all about my work once I get covered in Forbes which will be happening anytime by next year.

4- What do you think about Instagram dominating all kind of social media nowadays.

From a business perspective, I won’t agree to the same because all your intellectual audience is still on twitter and your shoppers are still on Pinterest. Still, when it comes to creators and influencers, Instagram has certainly dominated all kind of social media platforms because it’s easy to share a platform and very famous among millennials. Whatever millennials put their hands on becomes the new best thing.

5- What advice would you like to give to those just starting in social media?

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I would say do it to create not to get famous. If you love creating then do it but if you think you are going to get super famous or make living out of it then don’t. Because all those people who are making living out of it took years to do so.

6- Tell us about your new podcast related to Social Media?
Those who know me know this for sure that I love talking about social media day and night. Well, I started a podcast called “4 Questions with Social Media Famous” where I bring one social media celebrity as a guest and talk to them about different kind of things and tips for people who are trying to make it big on social media.

7- Is it better to date other social media influencer or is it better to choose from other industry?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. In my case, I would have dated Roshni even if she was a CA/CS (okay, maybe not from CA/CS but you get what I mean). Its kind of better if you are with a person who understands your why you need to click a picture of pretty looking food before eating but then again I bet there are a lot of people who won’t mind you doing that stuff either.

8- What is the “one-liner” advice you will give our social media readers when it comes to succeeding in making people happy?

Your content is only good when you are making people feel content.

9- What do you want to say about constantly changing social media trends from FB to Instagram to something else in the future?

It doesn’t matter that much. If you are talented and your content is good you will make it big on any platform. I started with trying to make people laugh on twitter, then shifted to snapchat and now to instagram. Just find what suits the best for your content.

Now is your time to tell people where they can find you?
You can find me on:
Instagram – @instaakaran
Snapchat – @randomizingK

Also don’t forget to listen to my new podcast called “4 Questions with Social Media Famous” on Itunes, Soundclound and many other places and if you are or connected to any social media famous person let me know so that I can bring them to the show.

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