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Interview with Mary Jakobsen: An Online Marketer who hit 7 figures in Sales at Age 19

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Recently, I got a chance to interview Mary Jakobsen. She is a 19-year-old successful online marketing entrepreneur, who dropped out of high school to pursue her entrepreneurship career as she did not believe in formal education. She started an E-COMMERCE business model, the so-called third-party business, Dropshipping, and made her first million after just 7 months. We sat down with her to tell us a little about herself and her business.

1- Mary, you are a 19-year-old teenage girl. How do you get the idea of starting a business while other girls of your age are interested in school, parties, and boys?

I always liked the idea of being my own boss and working from everywhere in the world. When I was 17 I heard about the story of Ashley Qualls, a very interesting businesswoman who started her first business at age 14. She made a million dollars by age 17, so I knew it was definitely possible to establish myself as a young and successful woman in the business world. I also like parties and have a boyfriend, but unlike my friends, I focus on my online business mainly.

2- Tell me about the beginnings of your career. Did you heard about Dropshipping and started implementing it?

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Since I was looking for a business where I can travel the world, I knew that I had to work on my computer. I started a print on demand business, then an affiliate website. After that I tried to build my own brand – I wanted to sell sunglasses with my logo on it. In fact, all of these businesses were a failure and I lost about $4.000. You can tell that I was very frustrated – but failure was not an option! One of my best friends saw my struggling and introduced me to her cousin who already was in the clickfunnels 2 comma club for earning over $1M with Dropshipping. After a few phone calls with him, I learned about the so-called dropshipping. That was 8 months ago. At that time, he already made about $1 Million on average per month. I understood that the right mentor would be the key to success so I talked to a few of his students to find out if they were also having success with Dropshipping.  When I saw their Shopify stats, my biggest goal was to prove to him that I am the right student. After 1 month and a few rejections of him, I was finally able to learn from his experiences and skills. I started implementing everything and created my very first Shopify shop. As you can tell now, it went pretty good. Just 7 Months later I reached the magic 7 figures in sales.

3- You are a high-achiever in business at your age. Do you have any keys to success ?

I like challenges in life and I need them to push myself out of my comfort zone. Taking risks and following my instincts are keys to success in my opinion. In the current age the internet gives us access to an incredible wealth of information, you can use to build your own product or service. Try to stand out and make an impact in people’s life. Find something you are good at, because you need passion to be extraordinarily successful..

4- What advise would you give to other young entrepreneurs who are willing to start their own business?

Focus on only one thing. Young entrepreneurs probably have a lot of business ideas in their head. If you start a lot of projects at a time, not a single of these projects will get your 100% potential. Get a job, save some money to start your business and focus on only one project.

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5- Are you open to connect with other girls or boys that also want to start their own e-commerce business?

Absolutely! You can message me whenever you like on Instagram (maryjakobsen_). When i started my business, i wished i knew some people that are also in the same kind of things like me. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and their storys ☺.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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