Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Interview With Master Trainer, Fit Model & Boundless Fitness’ Founder, Tim D.

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1- Hello Tim, can you please tell us a bit about you?

Sure, I am a fitness trainer in the Houston area helping people make their fitness goals and dream a reality.

2- What are your focus areas and why?

I really focus on meeting people where they are and helping them get to where they are trying to go.

3- How would you describe the “Boundless Fitness” in a few words?

Boundless Fitness is Fitness, mind, body, and soul.

4- Where do you think the “7 Minutes Of Heaven” workout is making an impact?

This workout helps people on all levels and women truly love it because they can burn calories quick! It impacts the full body!

5- Do you think integrity is an essential part of the game?

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Without a doubt for sure it is!

6- What advice would you give to young people just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

Focus and don’t give up!

7- Do you find as an expert, that you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex with the game rules are always changing?

Yes because it keeps me on my toes which helps me help my clients!

8- If you could turn the time, what would you love to change in regards to your career?

I would have started when I was even younger!

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

The opening of my studio gym here in Houston on July 27th! It’s going to be amazing.

10- The last word or final thoughts?

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If you are in the Houston area or even looking for online training we’d love to help over at Boundless. Follow me on IG @callmetimd

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