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Interview with Matthew C Martino, Founder at MMBF Trust

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Matthew C. Martino
Matthew C. Martino

When it comes to helping others, philanthropists are the heroes of our time, and today I’m going to introduce you to one of them. So meet Matthew C Martin

1- Tell us a bit about yourself and your position at MMBF Trust
I’m basically involved in a range of charity projects during the day and I put my business hat on at night and also produce films. I founded MMBF in late 2013 and I’m currently serving as a Co-Chair, as well as this I work with our development department to look at projects and partnerships we can work on.

2- How would you describe MMBF Trust in under 60 words?
MMBF Trust is a charitable fund that provides scholarships, grants and funding to across, filmmakers and creatives around the world. Our core work also involves forming partnerships with organisations in the creative and aviation industries to support rising talent.

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3- Where do you think the MMBF Trust is making an impact?
I think it’s making an impact on front-line creatives. Most of our grants are geared towards getting money directly to the creatives and new talent on the front-line and I think this is something that in the UK at large we have managed to do by funding short films from new directors and scholarships to drama students.

4- What are your focus areas as a philanthropist and Why?
My focus areas philanthropy wise are young people, I’m very passionate about providing resources and hope for the future generations. I feel passionate about young people as I myself am a young person and I got a lot of support during my early teen years.

5- How does your experience as a successful entrepreneur inform your work as a philanthropist?
I find that I’m able to draw from my experiences in the enterprise as to what makes philanthropic projects successful and impact based. As an active philanthropist, I use the most knowledge I hold from the business world to see where my support and resources can be best fitted.

6- What new filmmakers or pilots really need to be granted funds by MMBF Trust?
I think its passion, most grants have been handed out to pilots or creatives who show exceptional passion for their subject area in the application form and those that follow the application instructions. Having a clear career plan of how the individual’s career will change after the grant also helps.

7- What’s the hardest part about being a philanthropist?
The hardest part is actually convincing people to work with you, believe or not myself and my team spend more time sending proposals out to potential organisations we want to fund and support and chasing them up and this in turn can mean you don’t end up supporting as many projects as you had hoped.

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8- Where do you see MMBF Trust in the next 5 years?
The next five years are about keeping the projects and partnerships stable and increasing our base of core organisations we work with. I’m also in the process of developing an enterprise scheme in partnership with MMBF which will provide young people with a chance to start their own business. I believe in 5 years MMBF will be bigger and stronger and have a greater track record in supporting the future generations.

9- What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in filmmaking industry?
My top tip is, go for it, there is nothing to lose. The film industry is all about making friends and building a contact base – you won’t achieve much in the industry if you can’t work with others.

10- A last Word?
Last word would be, I hope to see a greater generation of philanthropists who work together to change the world and empower the future generations.


You can also visit Matthew at Facebook and Twitter to learn more and to get inspired!

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
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