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Interview with Michael Corey Baugh, Founder of MCB Life Coaching

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Michael Corey Baugh
Michael Corey Baugh

1- Hello Michael, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
As far as I can remember, I always wanted to help people. I think that came from a sense of hopelessness. Being homeless for the first nine years of my life due to some of my mother’s decisions, such as drug addiction and dropping out of high school, I have seen how people treated my family and me as 3rd class citizens and I knew I was better than that. One day as we were commuting from one shelter to the other, my family and I fell asleep on the train and was awaken by a police officer telling us we had to wake up and get off of the train; a good Samaritan interjected and asked us if we were hungry. We all said yes and she took us to a 5-star restaurant. I was amazed at the ambience and opulence. After we had eaten, she put us up in a 5-star hotel in Manhattan for 2 weeks. Her selfless kindness and compassion is something I think about often. People like that good Samaritan is why I do what I do, Why I love people and have so much compassion and love for so-called “Strangers” I wish I had her phone number to tell her because of what she told us, I went on to not only complete High School but to Acquire 3 Bachelors Degrees ranging from Entrepreneurship, Accounting to Public Relations & Marketing with a specialization in International Management; as well as my Life Coaching Certification from IPEC, which is considered one of the best Life Coaching schools on the planet. I also intend on acquiring my Masters In Organizational Management. She made me see myself as more than just a 3rd class citizen and because of that, I owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude. I am motivated to change the world for the good and I know I can’t do it alone. That’s why I Live Coach. It fills me with purpose. To help people overcome their issues gives me joy.

2- How would you describe “MCB Life Coaching” in under few words?
In a few words? “Hyper Actualization in action.” What does that mean? It means finding the solution to whatever is ailing you in a short amount of time. We are not psychologists or therapists. We do not wish to provide hourly sessions where we are motivated to keep you coming back. We want you to see real results in real time. Hyper Actualization is a patent pending program which I am confident can and will resolve the problems that stop people from accomplishing their greatest ambitions.

3- What are your focus areas and why?
If you want a mule to move, do you push it or hang a carrot in front of it? Too often other programs don’t want to help you push, they want you to chase an illusion. MCB Life Coaching is all about real results but we cannot help anyone who does not help themselves. Hyper Actualization is all about self-actualization and realising goals on your own. All we do is help you identify that which you do not see or do not wish to see; at times it can be very painful and I would not recommend this program to anyone who is not serious about real progress in real time. We focus on the person first, the obstacle second. Once we understand the person, the obstacle is easy to identify. Too often we ignore the obvious. It can be staring you in the face for years and you can actually grow used to it. Some people prefer to keep certain negative energies in their lives, which may be a good thing if in fact it makes them better, but by the time they seek our help, it’s usually because it is causing more bad than good.

4- Where do you think you are making an impact?
We make an impact with people who can identify that there is something holding them back. Again, we can only help people who help themselves. We think our greatest impact is in our community. We work with all people, from all walks of life but our specialisation is with Women. Why Women? As a child, Women always surrounded me. Over 90 percent of my family is and were Women. I like to think I understand them on an instinctual level and now I strive to understand them on a psychological and spiritual one. I personally adore Women and MCB Life Coaching is all about not only empowering people but Women in particular. There is still so much injustice that Women have to deal with. We strive to encourage and understand Women. We have been quite successful, as we have managed to secure a diverse portfolio of Women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

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5- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
One day I scheduled an appointment with a new client. She insisted on meeting in person, though I prefer to work on the phone I obliged. Once meeting her, we began to talk and I started to ask her questions to get a better understanding of her concerns and goals. Over time, we became really close and now we talk almost every day. Most people are not aware that a life coach is someone who is not only interested in helping you to become the best version of yourself, but also someone who is always on call. If my clients need me, I will find a way to make time. Life coaches develop strategies and plans for clients. We keep records of the progress, meet with and evaluate them. We also adjust clients goal strategies as needed.

6- The coaching world is changing very quickly, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Very true, the coach industry is evolving and doing so quite quickly. I see MCB Life Coaching becoming one of the world premier coaching sites. Our goal is to get the word out about who we are, why we are and what we can do to help people accomplish their goals. We intend on having physical locations all over the U.S as well as other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Our current projections tell us that we should have over three thousand clients by then. We hope that projection proves accurate.

7- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on “MCB Life Coaching”?
There has been many over the years, but there is one particular situation that comes to mind. When I had first started life coaching, I was under the impression that life coaching was about fixing people, now I know better; life coaching is about identifying what holds people back from accomplishing their greatest goals. One of my first clients was a trial lawyer and was looking for a coach to help him improve his productivity. I made the mistake of judging his profession, instead of helping him become more productive. We had a falling out but once I realised with more training I was wrong, I apologised and he graciously accepted. He is still a client of mine to this day.

8- What are you most excited about at the moment?
Getting Hyper Actualization fully patented. Hyper Actualization is a philosophy of sorts; the patent is currently pending and I am so excited about the potential of it. It is very simple, getting to the best version of yourself in the fastest time possible. We at MCB are not trying to have our clients dependent on us; we want them to be fully autonomous in the shortest time possible.

9- What can you tell to young Entrepreneurs that are about to start?
I tell them that this is a tough business and that if they hope to have any staying power, they should find a great company and work there to gain some much-needed experience. This is not a business that you should join for financial gain. It is a business where you have to love people and truly have the patience to help others.

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10- A last Word or final thoughts?
Yes, I want to thank you for conducting this interview. I know you have other pressing business yet you took the time to showcase MCB Life Coaching which can be found at and our facebook page at
To the readers, I hope you take the time to check out the sites. We at MCB are dedicated to helping you identify what is affecting you from accomplishing your goals. Give us a try and I am confident you will not be disappointed.

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