Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview With Nicolas Vanhove, Entrepreneur and Founder of TUTOROO

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 1- Hello Nicolas, can you please tell us a bit about you?

I’m Nicolas, 30, and I come from France. I have lived and travelled in more than 45 countries. Four years ago I have taught French to over 100 Hong Kongers for a year. In 2017 I founded TUTOROO, my first startup. I am also a sales coach for medium and large business sales teams in South East Asia.

2-How do you describe TUTOROO in few words?

TUTOROO is the first global platform connecting people to nearby and native speaking tutors. We believe that people who want to improve their foreign language skills must simply practise with native speaking people who come from one of the countries where that language is spoken. Hence we connect students with native speakers who are willing to offer private language tutoring to them.

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3- Where do you think your work is making an impact?

We make an impact worldwide, and always locally. I am proud of our community: 300,000 private language lessons have already been taught to over 10,000 students by TUTOROO tutors in Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Dubai, and also in Australia, in New Zealand… We are expanding to more cities and by the end of 2018 our goal is to inspire twice as many native speakers all over the world to teach their mother tongue to people near them. While social media makes the world more and more interconnected, our vision is to help people engage with each other in the real world. 100% of the private lessons taught by TUTOROO tutors are in-person meetups.

4- You are also the founder of BIGGER Stronger, a consulting company to help SMEs, tell us about your approach?

As of today, I do have an extensive startup experience and I have always wanted others to benefit from it. I have met many entrepreneurs who try to raise funds to grow their startup business while in my opinion, the best way to start and to get a company to succeed is to make sales. In 2014, I have started to offer sales coaching services to businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore. I have been enjoying it since then.

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