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Interview with Nikhil Sharda, Founder at eFiction India

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Nikhil Sharda

1- Tell us a bit about yourself
Nikhil Sharda is a writer/filmmaker based at the moment in Delhi. Nikhil is a graduate from University of Sunderland (UK) with Film Studies as his major. Nikhil has written many articles for various online journals and periodicals not to mention a book called Sans Destination. And in his career Nikhil has made over 20 short films most of which have featured in National and International Film Festivals. Currently working as the Chief Managing Editor of an international magazine called eFiction India ( where he converts stories published to films and poems to songs

2- How would you describe eFiction India in under 60 words?
eFiction India fills a niche in the Indian media that has remained vacant for far too long, one for the intellectually curious and aesthetically refined reader, who seeks a magazine of exceptional quality rather than the proliferating quantity of publications now crowding stands. It is a new kind of magazine for a new kind of reader, one who demands both style and substance and is a little sensitive than the rest.

3- Where do you think eFiction India is making an impact?
The magazine provides aspiring authors a chance to showcase their work to an international audience. With foreign universities, libraries and media houses as its primary audience, Nikhil’s venture has already crossed the 10,000-subscriber mark within a year of its inception. The subscription is priced at $3-4 a month. Subscribers of eFiction India are literature lovers across the world, of which 40 percent are non-Indians, 33 per cent NRIs and the rest 27 per cent are Indians. A big chunk of eFiction readers are high- income group women from age group 18 onwards.

4- How do you differentiate yourself from the other companies in the market?
Well, with the unique angle already pointed. eFiction India has also attempted to produce cross-media products for example, we’ve converted songs from the poems published and soon will be also producing short films from short stories.

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5- What are your focus areas of eFiction India and Why?
Audio Submission: Any contributor whose poem or flash fiction accepted in eFiction can read and record the submission and we can post it online. This could be done in audio-visual format or just audio format. We could add a background music like a Mozart to an original poem.
Songs: We could also accept songs for the magazine. If the lyrics are published in the magazine then we could tie up with a band and add composition and studio record the entire song and upload it on the website store in a 60:40 price ratio. 60 to the writer and 40 to eFiction.
Video Debates: We could have a hangout session (recorded) where each participant would be given a topic to speak about (either for or against). Each would be given 1 minute to talk and then there would be a rebuttal from all who are watching/listening in.
Film Scripts/Plays: We would also accept film scripts and plays in the magazine. A good script is something that the film industry needs very very much

6- How did you first get into the world of film industry?
Visualizing what I used to write landed me into the world of filmmaking naturally. To see the written word come to life in front of the audience was the ultimate creation. But I thought I needed to learn the craft more, especially technically. So I graduated in filmmaking from Wigan.

7- Tell us about your personal biggest success throughout the last years?
My biggest success is crossing over 10,000 subscribers for eFiction India in a matter of the first year in production.

8- What are your upcoming projects?
I am currently working on producing the same magazine in an audio format. I have tied up with a few blind schools around the world and would like to provide the audio version of the magazine free to these children facilitating appreciation the art of creative narrative.

9- What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started a career in the film industry?
Reading is the most important. I read anything and everything that was available. Hunger for more knowledge and information made me form intelligent opinions and from there all I had to go was to put in words and on paper.

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10- A last Word?
There is no mantra. Never read self-help books. Never follow anyone’s mantra. Persistent hard work and patience, it at all, needs to be the only guideline to anything that you do. Success is always a by-product of what you learn and experience. And what you learn and experience is unique only to you.

If you want to know more about Nikhil, visit his Facebook and  Twitter accounts.

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