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Interview with Nikkie Burns, Life Coach & Business Women

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1- You are a famous Life coach and you help thousands of people around the world. How do you feel about that?
It makes me feel on top of the world, I am so grateful that I get to help people because that is what I was born to do, it’s my passion and the reason I do what I do.

2- How is a typical day at work?
Well, being a mother of three and stepmother of two gorgeous children out household is quite full on, but when you add running businesses from home and just launched your own haircare and skincare label, speaking, writing, traveling and a whole heap more it is a massive amount BUT when you live your life in total alignment living your purpose you love everything you do and you manage to make everything happen and just work your bum off for it all. My typical day usually looks a little bit like this.

I wake up, do my morning affirmations, have a look at my planner for the days’ actions, get the children ready for school and go and drop them off. Once I am home again I do a lot of my online work like social media posting, responding to and sending emails, I will then get any coaching calls done or online meetings and interviews, chat throughout the day to my VIP clients as they have exclusive access to me at all times, work with my team on anything needing to be done for the week such as workshop preparations, designs, invoices, do Facebook lives or record any videos I need, wow there are so many things I could write pages full.

Then I pretty much repeat it all again throughout the day until everything is done, I then go and collect the children from school, do the usual mother duties of a night like cooking dinner and any homework needing to be done and one the children are in bed I repeat my usual workings from home again.

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I usually have a structured plan each day, so I know when I need to do what, and I only work certain hours because the joys of working from home are of-course you work your own hours so you can be there when your family needs you. That is another reason why I now have a team here at Nikkie Burns International because having a team helps free up some time to do more of the things you love and are an expert at.

3- Tell us a bit about your products! We have to admit they look amazing!
They sure do look amazing and that’s what I wanted, something that stands out shouts the word luxury, and of-course gold like all of my branding is. Nikkie Burns Internationals new haircare and skincare line is all 100% natural, Australian made, sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free which is one of the reasons these products really stand out to people and why they love it so much, as the environment and our furry friends are very important. All the products smell amazing and do what they say. I am so proud of how they all have turned out and how much people are really loving them all. Plus, it’s a big bonus that we have Afterpay available as that is a huge thing for everyone right now they love the flexibility to be able to buy something then and there and just pay them off.

4- What inspired you to be who you are today?
I was inspired to be who I am today from a few things, 1 – my parents, I grew up seeing them work hard and have their own business so I, of course, wanted to be like them and make them proud, 2 – My brain condition and how I thought I might not make it and 3 – my children, everything I do is for them and they inspire me every single day.

5- What advice would you give to someone suffering from stress and anxiety?
I would advise them to do a lot of inner work on themselves, journal, meditation, take their time with things, do a gratitude journal and definitely take at least 30 minutes a day for some self-care time such as a nice bath, walk or rest. And of-course deep slow breathes and focusing on something close to you for a while. Doing all of those things can really help stress and anxiety and I do it all of the time. It changed my life.

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6- How can people find you? How can they find your products?
It is really easy to find me I am on all of the social media platforms, just search for Nikkie Burns or Nikkie Burns International. But my website has all of my products in the shop section and it shows Afterpay is available so all you have to do is go to

7- How online sessions work? Is it easy to book you for a session?
Online coaching sessions are easy and many prefer it that way these days, to have coached with me, you have to contact me directly by message, or the contact form on my website or by emailing so we can work out what sort of coaching program will benefit you and get you the maximum results then once you have secured your place in one of my programs we set up times each week for our coaching sessions and them are either by over the phone, or by like a face to face zoom meeting.

8- After how many sessions can a client see results?
Usually if you put in the work and take the advice from me most people can see instant results in all aspects of their life and business, of-course each week we usually focus on a part of your business or life that you are struggling with at that current time but I dig deep with my clients to get the results fast and to help them best I can.

9- Tell us a bit more about yourself? How did all of this start?
Well I have always known I was born to help people I just was not sure in what way, I was always a hard worker, working jobs at the same time as studying many qualifications or running more than one home business trying to make something for myself and my family but a few things got in the way for example a domestic violence relationship, being overweight, losing 87kgs quickly, losing a child and then lastly I became seriously ill for a few years, a few minor strokes and brain bleeds later and many specialists appointments I found out I had a brain tumor in a rare spot of my brain, the day I went for brain surgery to try to remove this changed my whole life. I was scared I was not going to make it out alive, I thought my children were going to lose their mother. So when I woke up after surgery I knew I had another chance at life, I knew I needed to show my children you can achieve anything you desire so I started immediately working on myself and doing what it takes to find my truth, my passion and my purpose which is helping women all over the world change their lives, be successful, live a life of freedom etc.…

Once I was super clear on my purpose and shared my story and message to the world it all just started and grew dramatically. I have even recently started my own haircare and skincare label. For me, waking up each day knowing I change people’s lives and work with so many people inspiring them and motivating them but also having time at home with my family when they need me there really is nothing better.

10- Our readers would love to know your moto in Life?
Ha-ha love this one, my moto and core message to the world and my tagline is and always will be “Give yourself permission to have it all, stand out, be badass and live your dreams fearlessly”.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
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