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Interview with Robert Rio Brewin, MultiSport Athlete and the master mind behind Empire Boxing

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A brand ambassador for GNC Philippines, HollowRock Gear Philippines and more… Robert is a true Athlete and a person with a mission to help other not only get the shape they dream about but also live a healthy life.
A man with a mission… Because every time you train at an Empire Boxing gym you help Filipino athletes and not faceless corporations.

And in this second interview, Robert provides some insight into his healthy lifestyle, volunteer work and his future projects.

1- Hello Robert, what’s new in your life since our last interview?
Hello again! Thanks and just call me Rob. A lot has been going on, we’ve opened up in three new cities, and are eyeing more. I also represent HollowRock Gear Philippines that’s something new. GNC still has my back, Asia Brewery and I’m in the works for another surprise!

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2- How do you describe “Empire Boxing” in few words for the people who read this for the first time?
Passion, fitness, community, simplicity, kindness, healthy, positive self-image and courage. Real courage.

3- What influences your work? What makes you want to wake up every morning?
Work inspires itself. Imagine if you were Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Forever.

4- Do you have any mentors or other athletes that you admire?
I admire the people who come in our gym with great energy, learn our sport, become or stay fit. It’s not easy. Whoever tells you that is selling a dream. So I see these people, all these people showing up dedicated. Blows my mind all the time, you know?

5- What does being healthy mean to you?
There are myriad definitions to this but all it is essentially is having a superb quality of life. You feel good, your numbers are crazy wonderful. This is for everyone. I have Thyroiditis. Turning 40 soon and once in a while feel how much I banged my body up in my youth -until now, but hey, I feel wonderful. Not as nimble as a 16-year-old but way smarter. But yeah I’ll always be energetic. Energy is health.

6- Do you have any favourite training tools or pieces of equipment that you use in your gym?
Cool question! I love playing with the heavy bag and a double end bag. The type suspended by two belts floor to ceiling. So many games you can play with it. And anything to do with working the core. Wonderful.

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7- From a mental perspective, how has boxing impact people’s life?
Culturally, there a plenty of history, stories. People fight for various reasons. Some for income and some for the game and most often both. It’s one of the oldest sports, 3000 BC I stand corrected, and it’s still very much alive. If you mean people who learn the sport and how it works for them? Self-defence becomes second nature. Your reflexes are hero-like, you become more attuned with your surroundings, not to mention the wealth of fitness benefits, you become happy.

8- What does charity work represent for your?
It’s something we all should do. Suffering is universal and we all are empowered to heal others one way or another. We all work together for that and I’m thankful for our community for having like minds.

9- What advice would you give someone looking for ways to motivate themselves to start or maintain a fitness program?
Don’t start unless you really want to. Strange but true. Unless medically required I’ll add, don’t start unless you want this to be a lifestyle.

10- The last word or final thoughts?
Thank you guys again for the pleasant interview. Stay healthy, everything in moderation, and keep staying positive!

Empire Boxing is now open for franchise all over the Philippines and for South East Asia, so if you want to know more, visit:

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