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Interview With Rusty Tweed, Entrepreneur & Tweed Financial Services President and Owner

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Rusty Tweed is a hardened financial expert, and the President and Founder of Tweed Financial Services (TFS). With 25 years experience to his name, Tweed has helped many clients secure their financial future. The TFS services are concentrated in areas such as investment options, risk analysis, taxation, financial planning and business growth and development. Being a long time resident of Los Angeles, Tweed is also the President and CEO of TFD Properties and the proud owner of Mold Zero and. He also manages the digital publication company called Tweed Economics, which discusses trending issues in the world of economics.

Mold Zero offers cutting-edge solutions designed to help homeowners eliminate the mold menace. The techniques offered are safe, non-toxic and require no demolition. At TPS Properties, Tweed’s lead role has helped clients read the market more accurately, thus ensuring successful off market property brokerage. The financial and estate planning courses offered by the company are conducted via seminars and educational courses. Rusty Tweed holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, in his hometown of Waterloo, ON. As a seasoned volunteer, Tweed has donated a lot of his time and money to causes aimed at uplifting the community.

1- How did you get into the finance industry? What was your inspiration?
Ever since the bug to establish my own business got into my head, I have never looked back. Today, I have over 25 years experience doing business and working in the finance industry. The financial planning niche is undoubtedly competitive, but I am lucky to have a team that is consistently taking on new challenges.

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Our personal approach to issues at Tweed Financial Services has helped strengthen our relationship with clients and created numerous growth opportunities for business. On the overall, I get lots of inspiration from reading books and knowing that I have transformed the lives of many people.

2- How do you make money, stay profitable and grow the business?
Profitability, as you all know is closely interlinked to service approach. Even though my company took some time to become profitable, things are looking up due to my entrepreneurial experience and diligent service approach. To grow the business, TFS often deploys varying strategies following the advice of the marketing team. Our core strategies remain referrals and hosting educational programs and seminars that target the masses. Besides business owners, our consultancy services also targets investors keen to invest in treasury bills, stocks portfolios, bonds and more promising mutual funds.

3- How do you keep yourself motivated? What drives you?
I will admit that the experience I have gained over the years in the finance industry is my most potent asset. With my experience, I have been able to help businesses save money and move in the right direction thus avoiding common pitfalls like overpayment, unnecessary risks, financial mismanagement and cash flow problems. The work we do at Tweed Financial Services has also gone a long way to help businesses uncover hidden opportunities.

Over the years, I have seen companies grow from a humble beginning and this motivates me to work harder. Startups have also benefited from our guidance, especially when it comes to navigating unknown territories. In this regard, business owners end up gaining the confidence and the market edge to approach critical business matters. Outside the confines of my office, I enjoy jogging, tennis and golf.

4- Which business ideas excite you most?
The world of finance is hugely complex, and this is the reason why practical and easy solutions are in high demand. Most people who approach me need solutions that will guarantee their financial security. I usually recommend different strategies depending on the problem at hand. My excitement rises when I receive calls from satisfied clients telling me about their success stories. The business entities include individual businesses, real estate brokers, franchises and medium to large multi-national companies.

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5- Where do you see your industry in the coming years?
Cultural shifts and changes in demographics will likely affect the finance and investment climate in the US for a long time. The retirement of the Baby Boomer generation is one such case. On the other side of the spectrum, I am glad that my business enjoys strong relationship with the younger generation Y and X clients. These clients are more inclined to offer referrals, which is critical in the long term success of the business.

In the coming years, financial advisors will be hard pressed to come up with extraordinary solutions, largely due to technological inferences and shifting business policies. More importantly, financial consultants will have to keep pace with the growth of the industry while staying fully aware of the challenges portend by the next generation of investors, if they truly want to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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