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Interview with Sian Morgan, Founder at Morgan’s Dog Boutique

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Sian Morgan and her husband


If you have a dog, or you love pets, starting an online store for pets will be a great idea to join your passion with job opportunities, and that’s what Sian has done when she decided to start Morgan’s Dog Boutique.

1- Tell us a bit about yourself and your position at Morgan’s Dog Boutique
I am mum of two (soon to be three) and run Morgan’s Dog Boutique together with my husband. I first came up with the idea to sell dog clothes after a trip to Los Angeles and saw the demand for dog clothes was not being met. Since then we have developed our website to offer personalised pet gifts as well as a huge range of dog clothes and work with many UK pet designers to offer as many handmade dog gifts / accessories as possible to our customers. Therefore, we are helping other small UK businesses to grow as well as our own.

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2- How would you describe Morgan’s Dog Boutique in under 60 words?
Morgan’s Dog Boutique is an online dog boutique offering bespoke dog clothes, collars, leads and harnesses as well as a range of personalised pet gifts. Not forgetting Morgan’s Dog Boutique has its very own Barkery for dogs offering an exclusive range of freshly made to order dog treats for pets.

3- Tell us about your own dogs. How long have had dogs in your life?
We have two dogs, a Jack Russell who is 7 the end of August and a Jug who is 5 and a half. We have had them both since they were puppies and as my husband would say “they are our first born”. They are our two little dogs we had before our children and a huge part of the family.

4- How did you become involved in Dogs’ boutique e-business?
I studied business at university and after I finished I worked for a few companies including Lloyds TSB and a marketing company but knew I wanted to start my own business. After the birth of my son, I decided to set up a business that focused on both my passion for business and for dogs. Then after our trip to LA, I researched the pet industry and saw a huge demand for dog clothes and pet accessories but relatively little available in the UK. It was then I knew an online dog boutique catering to the UK was the perfect business.

5- What two items in your store get the best sales?
Our best selling items at the moment are our handmade dog harness and personalised pet tags. Both made by UK pet designers.

6- How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
I think our website is different as it offers unique pet items that most of our customers are unable to get from our competitors. As well as this we offer a huge variety of items that other stores are unable to offer. We also strive ourselves on customer service and treat each customer individually, being pet lovers ourselves we know how it important it is to make sure our doggy customers are happy with their products!

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7- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
It is a busy role and not your typical 9-5 job! Not for me anyway as our shop is really open 24-7 for purchases to be made. Therefore, customers are always enquiring and purchasing items online, so it important to be on hand to make sure you are there to offer any assistance.

8- Do you think running an online store is easier than have a real shop?
In some way, an online store is easier as it offers flexibility especially for a busy mum like me. However, it can sometimes be difficult for customers ordering online as they unsure about sizes and although we offer size measurements, having a real shop can allow dogs to come by and physically try outfits / harnesses on.

9- What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in pet’s e-business world?
I suggest researching your market and make a plan in advance what kind of pet e-business you would like to set up and get some advice on the best kind of website and some hosting providers do not offer SEO friendly sites.

10- A last Word?
Thank you for letting us share our story with you and please check out all our fabulous items online at Morgan’s Dog Boutique.


You can also visit Morgan’s Dog Boutique at Facebook and Twitter to learn more and to get inspired!

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Noelle Elia
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