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Interview with Simon AMAR, Founder at Webdys

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Simon AMAR
Simon AMAR

1- Hello Simon, can you tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Simon AMAR, I’m a young entrepreneur (17 years old) , I have created one year ago my own web agency named Webdys, we are making everything across the web, we are a team of almost 20 developers in India, Canada, Australia etc.
I’m French, I was living in Paris and I decided to leave Paris to study engineering informatics in Jerusalem. Israel is for me the best way to succeed in technology.
Five months ago I had the idea of EasyTeach and today the dreams turn into reality.

2- How would you describe Webdys in under 60 words?
Wow! That would be difficult, there is so much to say!
Webdys is an innovative agency insofar as we are making everything around the web, design, videos, flyers etc. With Webdys, nothing is impossible, if you want something, we can make it for you. Webdys is the cheapest way to grow your business easily.
We make people work together all around the World.

The Webdys Song from SIMON AMAR on Vimeo.

3- Where do you think Webdys is making an impact?
Webdys is making an impact because, we can provide everything that clients needs as fast as possible. We are available 24/24 to answer all problems.
We create an innovative and efficient way for tuition – we recreate a new of attending individual lessons.
The closest, the most efficient and skilled teacher with EasyTeach

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4- How do you differentiate yourself from the other companies in the market?
Webdys is different from the other agencies because all our developers are freelancers and are everywhere around the world.
We can enroll the most skilled innovative digital brains around the world. Each team is managed by Webdys.
What are the benefits? We are cheaper, smarter, and available anytime. We are French, Indian, Canadians, developers…
We ignore borders, languages, and religions. Our difference: to set efficient teams with the best developers.

5- What are your focus areas of Webdys and Why?
Our aim is to be fast cheap. We give the relevant answer with our informal team located all around the world.
Every consultant and the agency build win-win cooperation.
And we can enroll young and fast brains owing to internet tools.

6- You launched lately EasyTeach; can you tell us more about this new innovative solution?
This application has been designed to find the closest and efficient tutor.
If a child needs help he’ll find the closest teacher owing to our application.
The children rate the tutor. The teacher announces the price for his lesson and Easy Teach receives a fee for providing the service.
The application is in the process we need funds for the IT infrastructures.

7- How did you first get the idea to start the app?
I was working for my last exam and I was not in a good condition to succeed because I didn’t attend enough particular physics courses during the year.
I was looking for a personal physic professor and I googleize it.
I found some websites, but I had to pay to get the phone number and It was not simple to order a private lesson. That is exactly when I thought about EasyTeach.
With EasyTeach, a professor can be at your home in 10 minutes.

8- Can you explain in few steps how to use it?
Step 1: Login with your Facebook or Google+ credentials.
Step 2: Define your address, the subject you want to study, and order.
Step 3: Enjoy quality courses quickly and easily.

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9- How do you think EasyTeach will change the way we learn?
It will make it easy simple and friendly.

10- EasyTeach is in the beta-testing phase, when are you planning to launch it for the public?
As soon as the IT infrastructures are completed.
Of course, the application will be improved owing to the users’ community.
To take part, e-mail us:

11- What are your upcoming projects?
I’ll certainly work on an enhanced pedagogy for tutorials.

12- A last Word?
The best is to come.

You can stay in touch with Simon on his personal twitter account or by visiting the webdys and EasyTeach accounts.

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