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Interview with Sydney Chamberlain, Professional Ghostwriter & Six-Figure Fiverr Earner

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Sydney Chamberlain started offering her ghostwriting services online in 2015. She soon became a six-figure earner on Fiverr before branching out to her own website where she now works with clients directly. Recently, she took on a role with up-and-coming content marketing platform, ContentFly, based out of Ontario, Canada.

BP: Thanks for being here today, Sydney! Your early career has been met with a lot of success. How did you get started?

SC: It has actually surprised me a bit too! Even though I’d been told by all of my teachers through the years that I have a knack for writing, I originally wanted to attend CSU and become a Veterinary Technician. Long story short, my family ended up moving to Idaho soon after I graduated high school and I happened to stumble across Fiverr one day. I decided to publish a gig just to fill my free time and it took off very quickly.

BP: Wow, maybe fate? Fresh out of high school, did you see it as a potential career choice?

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SC: It didn’t actually cross my mind until I was a few months in. My parents have owned their own business and worked from home most of my life, so I’m very familiar with the entrepreneurial lifestyle. However, up until that point, I had always just pictured myself with a “normal” job and commute. In my second month, I think I made the equivalent of a part-time income. I was offering line editing services at the time, but more clients kept coming my way so I branched out to ghostwriting, which is now my pride and joy.

BP: But that part-time income grew quickly, didn’t it?

SC: Yes, it did! I officially celebrated the six-figure mark for my Fiverr account some time ago, but it took a lot of hard work and customer service to reach the point I’m at today. My profile now proudly displays almost 5,000 reviews—I can’t wait to celebrate that milestone in the coming months!

BP: So, you’ve literally worked with thousands of people! What sort of clients and projects have you been taking on?

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SC: Well, Fiverr sends all sorts of people/projects my way. One day, I’ll be writing about freshwater fish tanks and, the next, I’ll be working on a highly-technical project about the blockchain or cybersecurity. I really love all of it. People often ask me what my favorite subject is to work on, but in truth, I enjoy the research and creation process in and of itself.

BP: So, how long did it take you to branch out in addition to Fiverr? Did you commit to it as your career at that point?

SC:  Once I realized that I could earn a steady income through writing, I committed myself to grow it into something even more stable and lucrative. I set up my personal website pretty early in the process, but Fiverr kept me very busy for the first 1-2 years because I was still mastering time management. I think it was some time in 2017 when I began taking clients directly through my site.

BP: Fast forward to today, in 2018, what does your schedule look like now? How busy does your work keep you?

SC:  All I can say is, I’ve now gotten very skilled at time management! I probably work 20-30 hours a week, but that’s only because I have gotten very efficient at answering emails and scheduling things out. During peak times, which come at random, I might work upwards of 16 hours in a day. When people hear that, I think they tend to take it wrong.

I absolutely love what I do and, although I stay busy, I always find time for the other things that matter to me. I’m not tied to a desk from “this time” to “this time”, I can get up and go out during the day when I want to take a break. I really love that aspect of being my own boss.

BP: That’s what everyone yearns to be able to do! So, what do you do with your free time?

SC:  In my free time, I keep myself even busier! I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful small town that backs a ski resort on one side and a lake on the other. I was just beginning to learn how to ski this past seasonwhich lasts through March/Apriland, this summer, I’ve taken up wake surfing lessons just to get outdoors and enjoy the water.

BP: So you can literally say, “Hey, I want to go for a swim. I’ll get back to this later”?

SC:  I totally could! However, I usually get into a really productive zone where my fingers are flying at 120 words/minute and the content is just flowing. I try not to interrupt that train of thought because I don’t want the writing to seem jagged or like it lacks a transition from where I left off. When I sit down to work, I usually commit myself to a few hours to finish the day’s tasks and then I’m free to get outside and enjoy the community.

BP: You must be so happy that you stumbled across Fiverr a few years ago. What do you think is your next step in growing your career?

SC: I actually made a move just a couple weeks ago. In another stumble, I came across a new content marketing firm, ContentFly, that was looking for ghostwriters. They’re based out of Canada, so now I’m working with them remotely too. So far, I’ve really been enjoying all the projects they send my way. They mostly work with medium and large-sized businesses so it’s a new segment of clientele that I’m getting to collaborate with.

BP: It sounds like you have had an exciting path so far! So, are you all booked up or can people contact you about their projects?

SC: I’m always happy to hear from new clients! Anyone who’s interested can reach me through my website ( or my Fiverr profile ( If they’re a business, they can also try out ContentFly for themselves and I might just be one of the ghostwriters on the other end of their content request!

BP: That’s fantastic! Thank you so much for your time today, Sydney. We’ll let you get back to your latest projects. Let’s have you back on sometime in the future!

SC: Of course, thanks so much for having me!

Click below to learn more about Sydney’s ghostwriting services:

– On her website:
– On her Fiverr profile:

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