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Interview with Thaldev Kaim, FOUNDER & CEO, Redrebs Luxuries

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1- Hello Thaldev, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
The ability to see the world through refreshing creative perspectives as a visual appeal & brand innovation expert has catapulted me to interesting heights in my roller coaster career. A love for challenges, a keen desire to solve business problems through disruptive innovations and making things inspiringly beautiful motivated me to launch RedRebs, a unique plus size luxury fashion portal. At RedRebs I envision empowering plus-size women with more luxury fashion choices and a uniquely liberated way of living that they have always aspired for. Having lent my creative ideas and lateral thinking to renowned brands like Pepsi, Nokia, Nestle, Canon etc. at leading global advertising agencies like JWT, Publicis, BBH and others I am now focused on my next creative innovation passion- Redreb, to grow it s as one of the world’s most successful plus size fashion brands in the world.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
Staying a step ahead of competition by proactively predicting customers’ life priorities and delighting him/her with wow choices in fashion domain to make their lives beautifully inspiring is my 24×7 focus. Its this day & night drive that drives my life these days as I am adding new product lines i.e. eye catching body art tattoo stickons that are removable and plus size casual wear that’s trendy & tastefully fashionable.I busy building a unique fashion business ecosystem with customer delight and breakthrough value outcomes as the central theme as I have experienced that having an exceptional product is not sufficient. Hence I am focusing on retaining and scaling up exception customer experience across all user touch points rather than just delivering an exceptional product. At RedRebs our USP is delivering a great product of exceptional quality (style, clothing, stitching, accessories) in a exceptionally unique way. To ensure that customer experience remains exceptionally high we connect our customers to unique content engagement with inputs on better living, eating, relationships, spirituality and astrology. Thus I am focused on creating exceptional value to plus size customers around the world to a new way of liberated, happy & healthy living in many meaningful ways with smart choices that did not exist till now.

3- How do you describe your Redrebs in few words?
Redrebs is a breakthrough luxury fashion portal that’s transforming plus women into alluring divas in multiple smart ways: top quality clothing, exciting fashion accessories & well researched better living tips.

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4- Where do you think you are making an impact?
RedRebs is bringing in a new perspective to fashion eTailing through its focus on enriching the life ecosystem of its targeted plus size women and not just focusing selling high end luxury clothing. By becoming the preferred one-stop destination for everything that a plus size women desire to live better and be more fashionably impactful, RedRebs is a ‘live-inspiringly better life partner and not the usual fashion garments retailer. And our ‘customers mind-body-soul-delight’ focus is driving innate and external changes to the lives of plus size women to liberate them from decades of fashion industry’s neglect. We fully understand their psychological insecurities and limited-choices-agony and that’s why we are empowering plus size women with confidence and freedom to wear luxury clothing and accessories in ways that they have dream.

5- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
My passion for perfection is what fuels my relentless drive to deliver exceptionally thrilling experiences across all customer touch points at RedRebs retailing and long term customers’ delight pampering.

6- The fashion industry is ever changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
We will definitely be the market leader that is forever setting benchmarks for customer delight and products-line innovation. We will expand our products portfolio to include menswear and kidswear as we want all plus size humans to be happy and lead inspiringly delightful lives in multiple superior ways. Our ‘proactive-wow-passion’ is our sustainable competitive edge.

7- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working with Redrebs?
Ohhh! Every step in Redrebs is full of multiple new challenges and many of them just gatecrash into my work schedule un-announced!. We being the infants compared to grown up corporate houses had way more challenges than other well funded organisations. Visualizing & crafting a consumer delight experience right from website to mobile app to final arrival of package and lifelong customer pampering was a challenge as in most places we were navigating uncharted waters e.g. delivering luxury garments in specially created packaging that takes care of garments long term storage and not just customer destination delivery. It took us many months of brainstorming and multiple alterations & innovations to get the final set of deliverable decided e.g. color of packaging box and thoughtful accessories/freebies.

8- What are you most excited about at the moment?
Being the first fashion portal that’s focused on wowing customers lifelong and not just at point of sale.

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9- What can you tell to young who want to start a new adventure pursuing their fashion dream?
To use fashion as life-pivot to become an inspiration to others by transforming self through internal and external beauty enrichment. This process of transformation should make people more receptive and relationships more meaningful to all. Thus fashion is not just to look more beautiful but ensures beautiful experiences across all life-path interactions.

10- A last Word or final thoughts?
Fashion industry has always focused on draping people with wow clothes and now its time to scale up its focus on making lives of people more beautiful and meaningful to ensure we replace angst with peace.

To know more about Redrebs Luxuries, visit or the Instagram profile.
You can also visit Thaldev’s LinkedIn profile.

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