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Interview With Young Successful Entrepreneur Albert Jose

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AllSyllabus.com was founded by Albert Jose, CEO of the Handbit Technologies Pvt Ltd with the aim to help students enhance their skills in any field of knowledge for a successful career by removing the barrier between the talent and opportunities. The startup is based in Kerala. With stiff competition in the market from other players, they believe that it is the quality of content and the innovation in content that will make the difference.

1- What has made you so successful as an entrepreneur?
For me, mentoring has helped a lot – I learn from everybody, and I am always learning. Some of the things that have really helped me are that I always seek help. I know I am not perfect so I am shameless about asking for help. And I don’t take myself seriously. We are going to die and go – the question is what are you holding on to?

“I know I am not perfect so I am shameless about asking for help.”

I don’t believe you have to leave something meaningful for generations to remember you. You have one life to live. I haven’t planned out my life and I think that’s why I’ve been so successful. I believe that if you plan your life completely you’re not letting your mind think about other stuff going on around you. I read a lot; once you pick up something you have to focus on it. Otherwise, you will have a personality crisis because you are trying to do so many things.

“I haven’t planned out my life and I think that’s why I’ve been so successful.”

Something I’ve believed is that we are more scared of our success than of our failure. Forget all your limitations, this is all I can do. Tell your own mind ‘You shut up!’ We are so scared if we have everything – the talent, the will, so we become lazy sometimes and use as an excuse. I want to be successful and create a difference. It is not about me, it’s about the jobs I generate and the jobs I help.

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2- How would you define true entrepreneurship?
First, to do the stuff I want to do, but you have to deliver value and do it consistently, and second, you should be able to have a clarity of thought. A true entrepreneur can explain what they do in any language that his stakeholder needs to understand it. You should be able to explain it to yourself and have clarity.

3- How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey into the world of business? Where there any key incidents or life changing events that inspired your decision to become an entrepreneur?
When I started traveling I decided to start an educational blog allsyllabus.com. This was my foray into online marketing. I learned about blogging, how to generate traffic, how to capture leads, and how to make sales.

Eventually, this educational blog hobby spiraled into a fledgling business, and it really opened my eyes that an individual could generate income on his own – without a company paycheck, and have a lot more fun doing it.

Since then I’ve never looked back and it has been my goal to build a sustainable lifestyle business that will allow me to work from anywhere in the world.

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4- When you started out in business, what specific idea, purpose or vision was your key driving force?
When I first started out, I simply had to make money. That was the main driving force. I wanted to show myself and frankly other people as well that I could go a non-traditional path and earn my own living.

Nowadays money is still a factor, but I can be less money driven and more focused on providing value to the end customer. Allsyllabus.com is far from a quick buck. Investing in a software startup is a grind and requires patience and years to become successful, but I know it’s a valuable product and will improve the lives of students, and that’s what drives us forward.

5- What is your take on the general notion that entrepreneurs should build a business around what they naturally love to do?
I agree with this 100%.
When you start a business you’re going to have a lot of ups and downs. Some of the downs are often referred to as the valley of despair.
This is where most people fail and quit.
The more passionate you are about what you’re doing, the abler you are to persevere during these very difficult times.
I have run a business before where I was making quite a bit of money but had zero passion for it, and eventually, I just let it fade out of my own disinterest.

6- What is your personal life mission as an entrepreneur? That is; what contributions do you want to make with your life or what would you like to be remembered for as an entrepreneur through the businesses you create when you die?
Social Good – Although AllSyllabus.com is a valuable product that can improve the lives of students, I wouldn’t classify it as a social good. Eventually, I want to transition into more of these types of projects and have a greater impact on humanity.

7- How do you identify business opportunities and what metrics do you use to measure their viability?
Finding a good business opportunity is about finding the balance between the size of the pie and the resources required to pull it off. You have to know your own limitations as an entrepreneur and be realistic about what resources you have access to. Of course, this has been proven wrong countless times before, where people who came from nothing dreamed big and achieved big – but I do think as a general rule it helps to be realistic.

At the same time, you want to be pursuing an idea that is large enough to grow into something great. I see a lot of people wasting time on very small-minded thinking (like building a small niche site), that could never make more than a few thousand dollars a month, at most.

The fact is the amount of effort these things require is not altogether different, so go big, but be conscious of your resources because if you run out, it’s game over.

Connect with Albert on social media, by visiting:

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