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Investing in machine stretch wrap and other types of polythene can be cheaper than you think

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You could invest in plastic strapping to tie products to pallets.

You could also invest in strapping for the express purpose of maintaining a steady, secure load during transport. You could have your products stored in neat boxes that will protect them – but only just.

It is known that a number of products have been damaged every year by being left in wet and damp conditions, by weather during transportation including rain penetrating into cases and ruining the product, and sun damage.


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There is also the additional concern of theft. Open displays of boxes can be tempting for any would-be thief. A pallet covering can help to keep your items safe, but there is one key way to keep your items safe.

Other types of stretch wrap

There are a variety of different stretch wrap and polythene products available in the UK currently.

We will discuss a few of these types below.

Vented Stretch Wrap

Vented Stretch Wrap is placed on wooden pallets during storage and transportation, this is the best option for anybody requiring a layer of protection and stability that also needs to leave room for breathability and a consistent air flow to the product. In particular, it is made good use of by those in the agricultural, beverage and medical packaging industry needs.

If you should ever require air without compromising the safety of your pallet wrapping, give specialty vented stretch wrap some time and you will see the benefits.

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Anti-Static Wrap

Electrical goods are well known for giving off electric shocks occasionally.

Normal cling film can also a great conductor of electricity. Damage can be caused by static discharge, and a specialised anti-static wrap is the ideal method of ensuring that all electronic products do not suffer this during shipping and storage. Less static is generated during the wrapping process than with over stretch wraps, so it is the more plausible option for electronic shipping.

There are many different types of polythene stretch film quality on the market, giving a film that will suit almost all companies budgets. All films, due to being non-soluble, are able to withstand wind and rain and keep damp from creeping up into product packages through external cardboard casings. This can be great for protecting your products in transit.

Normal boxes are strong, although there is not much that can be done about damp and cold unless stretch pallet wrap is used.

Should I invest in Stretch Wrap?

Instead, invest in stretch wrap and you will find a superior level of quality depending on which product you purchase, and have the same stability as you would with plastic strapping.

Contact to find out more about our polythene products.

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