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Jason Kulpa’s Financial Management Tips for College Students – Manage Your Money Wisely

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Are you a soon-to-be college student wondering how you will manage your finances as you head off to college? Or a university student finding it tough to handle your school courses plus keep tabs on where your funds are going? It might be time to take a long, hard look at your fiscal management skills and adjust your finances to make the most of your university years.

Jason Kulpa, San Diego CEO and Scholarship Donor, has made waves in the tech industry since founding in 2008 as well as the philanthropic world via his various volunteer work and donations. Most recently, Mr. Kulpa announced the Jason Kulpa Wife Scholarship to benefit student wives of military personnel who have husbands serving overseas. If you want help learning how to manage your money wisely, Mr. Kulpa suggests integrating the below financial management tips into your daily life.

Textbook Tactics

Instead of purchasing new university textbooks, consider checking out startup companies offering discounted books to college students. Conduct a Google search for the “textbook + startup” to discover a variety of innovative companies within the used college textbook space. You will find it surprising how much money you can save by renting used textbooks instead of buying new.

Create a Budget to Understand Your Spending Obligations

If you want to learn how to manage your money as a student, one of the smartest moves you can make is to create a budget for yourself outlining your financial obligations. Determine how much money you will have each month and the percentage of your funds needing to go towards expenses like food, insurance, housing, transportation, utilities, and entertainment. Understanding the portions of your funds going towards specific costs helps you learn to adjust your spending to make the most of your student income.

Diversify Revenue Streams

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It can be tough trying to earn extra cash as a student. You are so busy studying as you attempt to earn your college degree, finding the time to hold down a part-time job or two can be a challenge. If you try to diversify your income streams and have money coming in from multiple opportunities, you do not put yourself at risk should you lose one of your student jobs. Think about earning extra cash mowing lawns on the weekend, starting your advertisement-enabled blog, or working for friends of your parents who might need weekend help.

Ask for Discount Rates

Did you know a growing number of businesses offer discount rates to college students? Whenever you visit a store, ask if they offer student discounts. While there is a chance they might say no, the odds are in your favor (especially in a college town) they will agree to give you a student discount. Saving anywhere from 10% – 20% off your purchases can add up throughout a year.

These are only a few of the financial management tips college students can use to manage their money wisely. Remember to pursue traditional routes as well such as grants and scholarships like the Jason Kulpa Wife Scholarship to maintain healthy finances. It will take practice, but with consistent effort, you can successfully manage your finances as a student.

About:Jason Kulpa is the founder and CEO of, an Inc. Fastest Growing Company that delivers cutting-edge marketing products and services. After graduating from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State, Mr. Kulpa made a career from encouraging growth in several exciting areas of the tech industry. He is San Diego Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO” for 2018.

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