Sunday, July 3, 2022

Joel Devidal, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of, Shares 4 Ways to Reduce Stress While Running A Business

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As rewarding as running a business can be, it can also be extremely stressful. Reducing this stress is vital to a long and successful professional career, as stress can lead to less productivity over time, as well as serious long-term health issues. Joel Devidal, CEO and founder of, shares a few proven ways to reduce stress while running your business.

1) Delegate Tasks

Delegation is something that every business owner has to become comfortable with. Successfully delegating tasks is one of the best ways to boost productivity, reduce your workload and bring down your stress level. Consider the responsibilities that you could potentially pass on to a colleague or employee that would free up some time and mental space for you. Entrust these things to those you think will do best with them and you will be happier and more relaxed as a result.

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2) Limit Email

Regularly checking email is a bad habit to get into, as doing so never allows you to step away from work truly. “Set limits on the hours of the day when you can check your messages. If something genuinely urgent occurs outside of these hours, have one of your staff members call you or include an emergency phone number in an out of the office auto-response email. This certainly takes some willpower, but the payoff in terms of reduced stress is well worth the effort,” stated Devidal.

3) Connect with Other Business Owners

Knowing you’re not alone in your struggles as a business owner can help you manage stress. Connect with other business operators in your area, either one-on-one or through business and entrepreneurship meetup groups. No matter how loving and supportive your family and friends are, they will have a difficult time understanding the business side of your life and the challenges that come along with it. This is why interacting with a community of other business owners will help your career and personal life in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to feeling less stressed and anxious.

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4) Embrace Automation

Business technologies are rapidly advancing. This means that there are probably tasks that you typically handle that can be automated in one way or another. While there may be some upfront costs and a learning curve to get around, any place that you can apply automation in your business practices will lead not only to reduced stress on your part but also better productivity and less operating costs over time.

These are just a few of the great ways that you can better manage your stress as a business owner. By limiting your email access, connecting with like-minded business operators, utilizing automation and mastering delegation, you will set yourself up for an even more fruitful and happy professional life.

About Joel Devidal:

Joel Devidal is a veteran in the business world; as a founder and CEO, he has a knack for finding investors, launching companies, and keeping steady growth post-launch. Beyond business, Joel is an active part of his community supporting local organizations and helping young entrepreneurs get their start.

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