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LADYTAIS fashion brand and the house of new opportunities. Interview with lead fashion designer and founder Taisia Novakhova

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The world knows her as the fashion designer, founder, CEO and creative director of LADYTAIS, but who is Taisia?

She was born in the southern part of Russia, as the youngest of three daughters. Grew up in a multi-cultural environment, among big friendly families, laughter and happiness, delicious food on the tables, and beautiful ethnic costumes.

She is an artist, designer, photographer, and mother. always had to work hard in order to achieve her goals, and had to survive a number of times. This shaped her into who she is today and she fully and truly appreciates every moment and every lesson life throws on her way.

Each LADYTAIS piece has a story woven into it and together, they create a tale of self-love to help every woman look as fabulous as she feels within.

Taisia, What sparked your interest in fashion? What has influenced the way you approach designing clothes?

Fashion has always been in my heart, from a very young age. My mom designed dresses for us, and always made our house look very nice and welcoming. Also, I have always admired Coco Chanel. This legendary woman said: -“Fashion is not something that exists in the dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

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This is an absolute truth for me. My family know that everything, from our intentions to the food we eat, everything affects our lives and the lives of future generations. The world around us, our home, the people who surround us, our interactions with others and the way we live, this is all fashion to me. And everyone expresses it in their own manner.

We met with you in Paris. What do you like about city?

Exploring Paris through the eyes of Coco Chanel, Learning about her life and career.

Trace Coco’s steps and important milestones in the life and times of Coco Chanel and what propelled her to become Europe’s ultimate fashion icon.

After bowing out of the fashion world in 2002, Yves Saint Laurent threw all his lingering energy into his self-titled foundation, which he managed together with his partner Pierre Bergé.

Champagne and delicious French pastries in the lounge of Galeries Lafayette . Of course enjoying panoramic views from the rooftop viewing area.

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The boat cruise. Parisian festive mood… This absolutely “sparkling” experience!

Attending a fashion show is an opportunity to discover the trends, and meet designers.

One of my favorite artists, Van Gogh.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame remains a high point of Gothic architecture. To see the Bourdon, take a staircase leading to the top of the south tower where the views are breathtaking.

We know, that you spent part of your life in Israel. What impact has it had on your career?

Well, my son was born there, and he changed the way I see the world and became my main focus. Family has always been a number one priority to me. I think that in Israel I spent more time with my family than anywhere else.

Going back to your question, Israel is a very interesting country. The community are close-knit, people enjoy every second and support each other during difficult times. We could all learn from their joyful style of living and necessity, desire to express themselves through the style of their clothes.

I met many new people and learned to listen and analyze. It has changed everything. Your perception changes, then you take different actions and have a different impact as a result.

Every successful individual I have met before had some difficult time in their lives. I assume you had some too? What makes you move forward?

Well, sure I had. In the beginning of my career I often felt like it was not the right time… I learned that every situation can be transformed into a lesson and as long as you have a goal, you should move forward. Change doesn’t come easy. It takes consistent work and dedication before any progress is seen. I am very grateful that I always had wise mentors.

Taisia, where would you like to go for your next vacation?

Do what you love, and you will never need a vacation! I am enjoying what I do and implementing this to everyday life, whether I am on vacation or not.

And, how do you usually spend your spare time?

I look for inspiration every day.

I love reading. I would love to read even more, but I often have to substitute traditional reading with audio books. I love hiking, photography, painting and cooking.

Travelling with my family is one of my favourite things to do. We love visiting new places. I would like to go to New Zealand! Nature, panorama, the weather and natural food… I’m sure I would find lots of inspiration there!

That sounds amazing! What do you expect of yourself?

I am a person who loves to work. I love to keep productive. I love to have many things going on at one time…

I am expecting to be a better leader, better mother … Loving, constant learning and improvement. I think that every business can be successful and meaningful as long as you are in constant progress. LADYTAIS is more than a fashion company. Our partners say : -“there are various amounts of new opportunities”.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing what would it be? And what would you change?

I would teach myself about “Faith”, this is the only word you have to remember to commit to your goal. If I could change anything, I would spend more time learning about people.

I see that Wedding Dresses are taking an important phase in the company. Is that something you are particularly passionate about?

Wedding is a very special day in every woman’s life. My love of haute-couture,  the joy of seeing people happy played their role. Every woman who wears one of our Bridal Gowns will be wearing a couture piece on her wedding day. We create a new collection every year from the best quality materials, with exclusive details.

Does your mother still inspire the little girl inside of you after all these years?

Oh yes, my mom has always been an inspiration to me! She is an example of elegance, sophistication, romanticism. I still remember that day… My parents and I were going to the theatre, and how on the way there my mom, smart, beautiful confident and mysterious woman was wearing a red dress, covering her knees, with ¾ sleeves and buttons on the chest. She had some heels on and a clutch. My friends would always say that she looked like Sophia Loren.

What would you suggest to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the fashion industry?

I would say, learn to listen. Listening to others will give you the opportunity to better understand your clients. If you know what they would like to achieve, you will find the solutions to help.

Learn continuously, education should be your biggest investment! Be open, and even when you feel like you repeat something you already know, forget it for a moment, ”clean the table”, and you will discover new knowledge and ideas.

Find fashion in you, and only then you will be able to share it with the world.

And, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” — Steve Jobs

What is the story behind your brand? And what is your mission?

LADYTAIS wasn’t built in one day. At first, we were excited to create new collections, fashion shows. Then we started to work with a private clientele, designing custom suits and dresses. We still do, but now we look at this from a different perspective. We create collections and design custom dresses for women around the world. Anyone can reach out to us, and we will give our full attention, knowledge and love. We care about our clients and of course want them to be happy and feel confident in our designs. I believe that elegance is not just putting on a new dress but the “right” dress means a lot.

LADYTAIS provides that, so a woman can express herself, feeling confident and is able to highlight her own beauty. Depending on your personality, your goals, your fears, the event you are going to, we will design the perfect outfit for you.

LADYTAIS’s mission is empower women to look their best, most confident self at all times. To create fulfilling opportunities worldwide and give back to the community.

Collaboration, high standards and serving the community is our number one priority.

To know more about Taisia and her brand, please visit:

And you can contact her at ceo@ladytais.com

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