Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Which Language Should Your Write Your Blog In?

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If you’re trying to start up your own blog but English is your second language, you’re going to run into problems. Lots of people in your situation don’t know whether to write in English or use their native language. Most people would say obviously write in English because you’re trying to launch your site in an English speaking country but it isn’t that simple. Pretty much all browsers have a translation feature these days so people are still going to read your posts either way, that means you’ll have to decide based on other factors. To help you choose the right language for your blog, here are some of the pros and cons of writing in English over your native language.

More People Can Understand It

While I said that most browsers have a translator, not all of them do so there is still a chance that people won’t be able to read it if you don’t write in English. It’s not a huge problem because there are only a few people that you’ll be leaving out but if you are concerned about reaching as many readers as possible, English might be the better choice of language.

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Not As Interesting

When you write in your native language your own personal style will come through. You’ll be able to use more interesting descriptions and phrases but when you’re writing in English, you won’t be as confident. That means the content is not going to be as good. You’ve got two options here; if you’re dead set on writing in English you can practice English by reading aloud and improve your skills so you can write better articles. Otherwise, you should write in your native language and hope that enough people can translate it.


Poor Translations

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Having said that, those translations might not be great. If you’re writing in your native language and you’re using lots of interesting terms and phrases, they might not translate exactly into English. That means by writing in your native language you risk losing a lot of what makes your writing interesting during the translation process.


Less Competition

The amount of competition out there for any bloggers is huge, but it’s particularly fierce for people that write in English. There are so many sites out there, the majority of them in English. But there are plenty of people out there that want to read sites in your native language rather than English. There isn’t likely to be a huge amount of people doing it so you’re more likely to build up a readership quite quickly. The only downside is that the potential readership is probably going to be smaller because you limit yourself to people that speak your language.

When it comes to choosing a language, it all depends on what you want to achieve with your blog. If you just view it as a hobby and you aren’t too bothered about getting a huge readership and making lots of money, it’s probably better to write in your native language. However, if you want this blog to be a business then you should write in English to maximise your appeal.

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