Monday, July 4, 2022

LiteManager you ultimate remotedo things from access solution

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This post brought to you by LiteManager. The content and opinions expressed below are that of BlogProcess.

As a blogger and community manager I always need to things from different computers. Sometimes I need to update a blog or a website while I’m on my laptop at the coffee shop or from the desktop computer on my job and sometimes from close family computers that I trust.

But one thing that was holding me from doing so, is how to use those computers but in the same time access my data without duplicating it on all of them. An by data I don’t mean only files but also access token and passwords. Then I started working with many remote access managers, and all of them fails to satisfy my need in those small details that everyone of us needs.

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One dayLiteManager remote access software comes to my eyes and I found that it’s the only manager that satisfy me and provide all the features I’m looking for in a similar program.

There is no limit to whta I think LiteManager can do:

  • You can control and view the desktop of a remote computer and manage everything by IDs and no need for IP adresses.
  • File manager to work with files and for Uploading/Downloading them.
  • Remote task manager
  • Power management
  • Text, audio and video chat between users and computers.
  • Telnet control of computer via command line.
  • Device manager and inventory.
  • Screen recorder.
  • Remote installation and update.

I use LiteManager for my own work and also to fix problems in my family and clients ones. And since I discovered this magic tool, I’m more free and productive in the same time.

One wonderfull thing about it, is that with the free version you can control up to 30 computer with all the same function of the Pro version. And it comes with a great and quick support.

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So today maybe is the lucky one to start working as free as I’am.

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