Monday, July 4, 2022

Local Startup Looks For A Bright Future

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A small Los Angeles home improvement company goes all in on energy efficiency and solar.

Clean Initiative, founded by CEO Pablo Quintero and President Sean Godsick is a Los Angeles based energy efficiency company specializing in residential-home retrofitting, solar installation, and home automation. The inspiration behind what they term “The Clean Initiative Movement” was to create a realistic solution for the rising cost of energy waste and its negative environmental impacts.

Pablo and Sean developed a simple set of products and services to help homeowners in Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas. In addition to retrofitting homes with attic and wall insulation, LED lighting, roofing, photovoltaic solar installation and home automation, Clean Initiative will recommend various government subsidized programs that actually help eligible homeowners pay for these environmentally friendly upgrades.

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Pablo says, the process is fairly simple. “One of our program facilitators will conduct an energy assessment of the home to evaluate its physical condition, safety, and energy usage. They will then determine what retrofitting upgrades will be needed and recommend the best program to make this possible for the homeowner, most of which there are no out-of-pocket costs.”

Clean Initiative has taken this movement one step further by promoting a clean and sustainable lifestyle through its public outreach channel. They have participated in events such as local beach and park clean-ups, the L.A. River project restoration, as well as urban mini-farming promoting fresh, organic, and sustainably grown produce. These events have helped restore the environment by protecting plants and animals native to their local eco-systems.

With the participation of other environmentally conscious organizations, Clean Initiative advocates are looking to help more communities in the Southern California area and beyond with ethical leadership as well as socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Clean Initiative website:

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