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Looking At Penny Stock Apps To Give You An Edge

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Penny stock trading has had a bad wrap among many traders, but plenty of individuals have proven that they can be a very steady and profitable way to make money. The right penny stocks won’t pick themselves, however! If you want to make sure you’re on top of things, you will want to make sure you have your share of these penny stock apps on hand.

Best Learning Penny Stock Apps

Yahoo Finance – iOS | FREE

Gives you real-time tracking and performance for all your stocks. This is great for seeing things at a glance, or you can flip your phone to access more in-depth data on any company, stock, or market.

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Bloomberg+ – Android | FREE

This is the app to get breaking news, which you can break down based on a customized list of penny stocks.


A new app with a range of benefits, Robinhood is available on both android and IOS and well renowned.

Best Trading Penny Stock Apps

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TD Ameritrade Mobile – iOS | FREE

This is a great trading app that allows you to buy, sell, or watch stocks as you see fit. While it gives you everything you want from a trading app, it also allows you to scan a bar code with your phone on a real world product and have a company portfolio pop up.

E-Trade Mobile – Android | FREE

Great interface, fast trading, and good voice search. An ideal Android trading app.

Best Penny Stock Apps For Trading Practice

Stock Wars: Virtual Investing – iOS | FREE

Make sure that great new trading strategy works before you dive in. This way you can see if it’s a winner or loser before putting real money up.

Stock Market Simulator Plus – Android | $2

Hone your skills, build a portfolio, and see how you would do with trading that uses real life prices and market movements to test your abilities.

Penny Stock Trading Apps For The Win

Stocktouch – iOS | FREE

Color coded heat maps can be the edge you need.

Stocktwits  – Android | FREE

Considered “Twitter for traders,” there’s a lot to love about what Stocktwits has to offer as you keep your pulse on the market.

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