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Make Money on YouTube – A Practical Guide

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YouTube is a huge boon for anyone who wants to be rich and famous. It is one of the best platforms to achieve amazing popularity and make a huge amount of money, at the same time. In fact, the emerging clans of YouTube stars command the same awe as movie and TV stars. With YouTube Red being launched recently, it is now a fabulous time to consider YouTube as a definitive monetization tool.
Launched in 2005, this once upon a time humble video-sharing website was once used by people to upload their birthday and cat-oriented videos. Some of the most amateur videos back then like ‘Charlie bit My Finger’ and ‘David After Dentist’ have now developed cult following with revenues that could be fantasy material for some major corporate companies.
Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006 and the video sharing website started making huge waves in the digital landscape. In fact, the move has been so disruptive that businesses, entertainers, record producers started considering the medium seriously and began monetizing from YouTube. Now, the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Psy (of Gangnam Style fame) make significant amount of money through YouTube. Of course, YouTube has given birth to celebrities (also known as YouTube stars) by giving them a platform to share their views and talent. PewDiePie (real name – Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the richest YouTube star in the world, even outdoing the likes of Taylor Swift by doing smart and entertaining reviews of video games.
With YouTube becoming an integral part of gaining recognition and brand recall, many corporate houses have also invested millions in their YouTube channels. This means the arena is turning even more competitive and disruptive. Does that mean a rookie cannot make the kind of money she or he fancies, anymore? Well, with more players getting in YouTube, making money or even getting a piece of fame may seem competitive but it is certainly not impossible. With more and more people watching videos on Youtube, there is an audience for anything you want to sell or share. Content is truly King, so if you can deliver what your audience wants in the best way possible, you can still rule the roost. Best combined with good quality YouTube views service of course.

How can you make money through YouTube?
Some of the ways in which you can make money from YouTube is through:
1. Google Adsense – Google’s monetization tool which largely helps uploaders and content distributors to make money. Those are the ads that you see before the video starts
2. Affiliate Marketing – When you send your traffic to a partner website and get a commission for a product or service purchased, or lead generated.
3. Sponsorship Deals – Advertise can pay you handsomely to reviews their products or uses their products in the video.
4. YouTube Red – This fabulous business model underway on October 28, 2015, gives its stars a significant edge to rake in good money with its premium offering ‘YouTube Red’. This service charges $9.99 dollars a month and gives viewers ad-free experience and offline video viewing experience. In fact, the potential is so huge that if just 5 per-cent of US viewers sign-up for this service, YouTube can earn a billion dollars in the year. And it would be happy to share some of the pie with its stars.

Here are some tips on how to make money through YouTube
1. Be a master of the content that you provide – Think of an idea that will strike the chord with your views. And present it in different ways to keep your viewer engaged. It is important to think out of the box.
2. Light, Sound, Camera, Action – It is smart to invest in a great camera. Of course, you can shoot videos with your smartphone too. But if you do that, it is advisable to go for a device with image stabilization, so that the videos do not appear jerky. Do not worry about not having the best camera in the world, right now. Start small and as you gain expertise and experience, you can invest in a great camera and better production setting. Also important is to shoot videos in a decent backdrop, with good lighting that makes your video looks professional. Shoot videos in a quiet atmosphere, so that there are no annoying sounds that can mar the video experience.
3. Sharpen your editing skills – To get a competitive edge, you have to be good with your editing skills. Download a quality editing software and invest time and energy in understanding how to edit videos. When you start on your own or with a partner, it helps to have editing knowledge. This is because you know your video the best and know how it could look smarter and edgier with some stylized editing. If you want to save time, you can also invest a few hours to learn editing from an expert.
4. Persevere and be consistent – You have to be extremely consistent by uploading your videos regularly. Your users will be habituated to a certain time when they can see your videos. So work towards releasing your videos according to that time frame.
5. Do not worry about trolls – Even Gangnam Style and PewDiePie’s videos have a lot of criticism. So, it is natural for haters to dislike and put up negative comments. Do not be disillusioned, just go with your momentum and upload more videos. Of course, learn from constructive criticism and upload a better video every time.
6. Be Passionate – It is important to be passionate about your video channel and the videos that you make. So choose your subject wisely, it should be something that excites you. Only then will you be able to do justice to your videos.
7. When it comes to views, high retention is king. Make sure that people are engaged enough to watch the video for as long as possible. A drip feed views service can help to start out.

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