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Make Your Online Job Hunting More Effective With These Tips

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Gone are the days when candidates searched for jobs in newspapers’ classified column. With the advent of job-boards and social sites dedicated to professionals, the employment market has become active online. If you want to end up in a good job, you can’t ignore the importance of searching vacancies online. You might already be putting your efforts to search for jobs online. But, are you sure you are putting your efforts in the right direction? Perhaps, not! So, read the article to know the tips on effective job hunting over the internet.

Create your identity – Creating your online identity is the first thing you need to do as a professional. Many higher-level executives of companies use their social links, via platforms like LinkedIn, to search for a candidate in addition to advertising on job boards. So, create your profile on LinkedIn and keep it updated with your experiences and achievements in the professional life. And, make sure you follow or befriend people in your industry that may get you hired for a good job. Even if you are not searching for a job currently, you should develop a relationship with top executives of your industry. At this point, you should be very clear to filter people on the basis of industry and not on their level of popularity. Unless you want to enter into social media technologies, you don’t need Mark Zuckerberg in your connection.

Be a part of right job sites – There’s no dearth of job boards and job sites but not all of them are good or useful for you. Don’t get into the mess of creating a profile on each and every job site you come across. This will only give you hundreds of junk mails every day and nothing else. So, look for the niche-based job sites. You can either choose vertical niche sites that focus specifically on one industry or horizontal niche sites that post jobs for specific job level. Choose top 2-4 job sites that are according to your job search needs and create your profile in the most professional manner you can.

Create a compelling resume – In most cases, your resume is the first impression on your prospective employer. And, you certainly don’t want to ruin your first impression. So, make sure you create a compelling resume and keep it updated regularly. You’ll need the resume while creating your profile at most of the job sites too. Although there are many free resume templates available online, they do not seem working for everybody. So, you might also be confused at this stage, whether to create your resume from scratch by yourself or use a free template or get it done by a professional resume creator. There are pros and cons of each method.You can refer to this article https://arielle.com.au/resume-template/ for getting the clear idea of the topic.

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Have a sensible looking email address – This may sound weird but many people do have email address that make no sense or seems too childish for a professional. Email addresses like iamtherockstar@domain.com or me_cutiebaby@domain.com hurt your impression without you knowing it. You might have created the email address during the high school days and it might be cute and cool at that time. But, when it’s time to grow up, you must grow up. If you are still using such email address, do change it immediately to something that looks sensible and professional. The rule applies to your website domain too if you are a freelancer who uses your website for introducing yourself to the clients.

Don’t apply for jobs you are not eligible for – Even though you have your profile on job sites and you have got the alert about a new vacancy, you need not go and hit the apply now button immediately. Read the eligibility criteria and the job descriptions carefully. If you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria, don’t waste your time in applying for the job. It may sound harsh, but, no one will change their requirements just for hiring you. When you are linked to executives of companies in your industry, you can softly do the cold pitching by asking them if they will like to hire you for a specific role. But, it is a really bad idea to keep them nagging even if they say they will contact you if they need to hire.

In addition to these top tips, you need to know a rule of thumb – present yourself as a committed and passionate professional but don’t cross the boundary and make yourself look like a desperate.

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