Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Marketing On The Side: 4 Ways You Can Market Your Side Hustle

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Side hustles are a great way to earn extra cash. But you need to treat your side hustle like the small business it is if you want it to be successful.

Fortunately, there are up to 28 million small businesses operating in the states, which means you’re not alone in your business endeavors. In fact, you can use many of the same marketing techniques small businesses use for your own side hustle.

Here are four ways you can get the word about your one-person business without making your side hustle your full-time job.

Let your customers market your side hustle for you

Online reviews are crucial when it comes to your side hustle. Approximately 72% of businesses say that improving their customer experience is their number one priority.

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Because many consumers don’t know your business, they’re more likely to rely on reviews to get an idea of what their customer experience will be like. Consider reaching out to your consumers after they’ve made a purchase to ask them to write a review.

Use high-quality ingredients in your products and then market them

One of the biggest downsides of running a side hustle is that some of the things you might be selling on your online store could be purchased for cheaper from a big retailer. When your customers come to your online store, it means they’re there for the experience and the personal craftsmanship of your product.

Don’t be afraid to use high-quality ingredients to set yourself apart from the competition. If you sell skin creams, lotions, face cleansers, lipsticks, foundations, or nail care products that have oil concentrations from 1% to 99%, make sure your base oils are from a high-quality supplier.

Consumers will be more likely to work with you and more likely to pay more out of pocket for high-quality products they can get from an ethical source. What’s more, because high-quality eco-friendly ingredients are trending right now, your ingredients alone can be a big marketing strategy for your side hustle.

Create a blog on your website and update it frequently

Oftentimes when people think of online marketing content they think of social media marketing. But social media isn’t the only way you can market your side hustle.

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If you haven’t already, create a blog for your website. Write approximately three blog entries per week using keywords related to your side hustle. This content will not only help your side hustle’s search engine optimization, but it’ll also help you reach a wider audience.

Reach out and make a business partnership

Business partnerships aren’t always successful, but if you play it right you could end up making a small profit with the help of your new business partner. Start by finding a business or an entrepreneur that has complementary skills to those you have.

Let’s say your business uses polyurethane parts, which are made using reaction injection molding. You could partner with a RIM business, purchase their polyurethane parts, and ask them to market your products on their website. Business partnerships let you reach a wider audience than you would otherwise be able to market to on your own.

It can be tricky to market your side hustle when operating such a tiny business itself is already your part-time job. But by following the tips above, you can reach
a wider audience and market your side hustle without having to make your small business endeavor your full-time job.

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