Monday, July 4, 2022

Modern Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Marketing in the digital age can seem pretty tough to wrap your head around. There is all this new technology to not only try and understand but also to apply to the goals of the particular strategy that you are working on at the moment. Although, you can make it a little easier on yourself by boning up on the information below. Read on to find out more.



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Smart phones and tablets are one of the biggest modern marketing platforms there is. With over 91% of The US owning a mobile phone, it pretty easy to see why. However as this is a relatively new area of marketing, it can seem pretty intimidating if you don’t know what’s what.  


With that in mind, it may be much more simple and effective to deliver your mobile app advertising use a service that has an easy to use the platform. One that allows you to access many mobile ad providers in a simple way. Then you get all the benefits of mobile advertising, without having to get a degree in computer programming to boot.  After all, what matters is the end product of getting your brand in front of the people that you want to see it. Not what you wrote every line of code yourself.


Market Automation

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Another area of marketing that can get people’s knickers in a twist is market automation. This is the process where by you use a more advanced CMS to match target users with specific content. By eschewing the one size fits all policy you encourage a much better rapport with potential customers. Especially if you are offering them help and information before they have made any purchase. It is this rapport that you can then harness and convert into sales and brand loyalty later on. Helping you build a solid customer, and even fan base.

However, as your CMS will need updating or even a complete overall haul to have this ability, it can make some marketers panic. But remember, the computing and designing side is something that can be done by IT professionals that specialize in business solutions. You just need to know how to use it to get the best return on your campaign.


Social Media

You may think social media is an outmoded platform for marketing, but you’d be dead wrong. With over 70% of Americans accessing sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter daily, it’s still a great way to reach your target audience.


However, that isn’t to say that some things don’t need to be brought up to date for the advancing digital age. In particular, using content that has a more interactive content like videos and discussing is much better than large wedges of text. Also, remember that giving your customer a good experience to associate with your brand is way more important than just being on social media. So ensure that you do your best to provide them with fun things, or at least make the interactions that they have with your material user-friendly.

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