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Most Successful Online Communities of the Past Decade

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Having a successful online community is not something easy to achieve. It is important to stay on top of social trends, and it can be difficult to be innovative without losing the roots of the community. While there are countless communities out there that you have never heard of or that just simply faded away, these online communities have not only survived, but also thrived.


This private online community was founded in the year 2000. It is an online community that retails clothing through an online store that then ships the products to its customers. However, Threadless is not any online shopping website. Their most representative feature is that the designs are submitted by artists, displayed for the community to vote on, and then the top ten are turned into shirts for sale.

It is this integration of member feedback that makes Threadless a successful online community, having interaction with the public is very important. Their t-shirt selection is frequently updated  thanks to the system they use, and re-inventing their product line so often is what makes customers come back more frequently — resulting in an increase in revenue.

The Sixty-One (T61)

The idea behind T61 is that new, unsigned artists can share their music with the online public. Listeners can then decide which songs they like the most by adding it to their favorite playlist or sharing the song through social media.

The reason this community has become so popular is because the entire experience feels like a video game. You have points you can spend, you can level up, earn quests and even achievements by listening to music or uploading your own music on this website. Artists like Owl City have even become famous because of it.

T61 also has some social media functionality, in this website you can create a profile, listen to streaming radio, share playlists and join a group. Implementing these social media features is key to reaching out and making more people want to be a part of what’s going on.


Tumblr is a very popular site. In fact, it has more visits per day than Facebook. While it may seem like it’ simply a picture blogging service, it is in fact much more than that.

Tumblr provides a platform for you to share images with close friends and family while staying anonymous if you’d like. This means that it allows you to set up an online identity that doesn’t have to be related to you personally — giving people the ability to share whatever pictures they take with their close online environment.


Reddit is a place where members can upload anything they want, from a funny picture to an article, blog, or video. The content is entirely uploaded by users who also vote on the quality of that content. Users have total freedom to upload. All you need is an account, and you can post anything you want. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to the content you can upload.

Reddit is even the source much of the content and material that you find on other sites. The fact that this place is available for everyone to upload content and to choose what is worth it and what isn’t, is what has made this website such a success.

There so many online communities out there for every purpose or interest, helping us find what we’re looking for — even when we don’t know exactly what that is yet. is an example of this in the business world. It helps pair businesses with the online fax service that meets their needs. Online communities have not only thrived, they have changed how we approach and share information and services — how we connect with one another.

Lautaro Martinez is a freelance writer and professional student who contributes advice and articles on social media and modern living.

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