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Nash Frame Design on How Art Makes or Breaks Your Company’s First Impression

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Many people may have the mistaken impression that office art only exists as a decoration, but it can have a serious impact on the fortunes of the company. It is possible that works of art hanging in an office may even influence whether deals are made. Nash Frame Design details the reasons why your office should have art on the walls and how art can make an impression on your prospective clients and customers. 

Why Do Offices Need Art?

Art provides a creative dimension to any workspace. It inspires people to work harder and gives them something to reflect on during downtime. Every employee has demanding days that bring their spirits down. Having uplifting art on the walls helps employees to put their difficulties in perspective and can remind them why they chose their jobs. Art can affect people’s emotions, bringing people a smile or a feeling of calm and relaxation. Art can also stimulate the mind, making people concentrate better. 

Art can reflect the office’s values and aspirations. Through artistic expression, an office can align itself with history or with the newest in cutting-edge artwork. Whether your business is traditional or forward-looking, the presence of art in the office can signal your deepest principles and reinforce the work you do every day. 

The casual observer may believe that art is simply a pretty addition to the walls, but research by Dr. Craig Knight from the University of Exeter states that art directly increases workplace productivity. 

How Can Art Make or Break A Deal?

Every aspect of your office feeds into its image, and by extension the image of your company as a whole. Prospective clients observe everything about your office, even on a subconscious level. Everything about your company is being examined, from its cleanliness to the art on the walls. 

To make the best possible impression on a prospective client, make sure your art reflects office values in a positive light. When deals are being made, people may be put off by controversial or subpar artwork. Make sure that everything is high-quality and also framed in a professional manner. Companies like Nash Frame Design can help your company ensure that all of your art is framed beautifully and professionally. 

Art on the walls projects your company’s vision for the future and can also reflect the glories of its past. Companies with a long history could post paintings or drawings of their locations spanning back over the decades. This can give your clients the reassurance that your company has been in business for a long time and will continue to be successful. 

Futuristic artwork means that your company is always pushing for the next new thing. This is ideal for technology companies and others that are continually changing and evolving. 

Art can also cause clients to give up on making deals with your company. This seems far-fetched, but the subconscious impression given by artwork can negatively impact your company’s image. If the company projects an immature image, this may signal that your company is unreliable. If it is controversial, some clients may be attracted to this, but it may seriously put off other companies. Keep your office’s prospective clients in mind when choosing art to hang on the walls or sculptures to stand in your common areas. 

Art Supports Deal Making

When your company wants to seal a deal with a new client, make sure that your office artwork is up to date. This will help you project the desired image for your company. It will also tell your clients what to expect from your employees. 

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Lastly, having art in the office positively impacts current employees, meaning that they will be better able to cope with challenges and will give your clients better service in the months and years to come. Local companies like Nash Frame Design are the best equipped to help you choose the optimum art to share in your office and to frame it in a professional manner.

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