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Why Do You Need Blinds For Your Home Office

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Gone are the days when home and office used to be two very different things. It was the time when the lifestyle experts suggested everybody not to bring the office at home to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Today a major portion of the workforce has actually shifted their office to their home. And, now we are suggested to at least keep our office limited to a certain area in our homes to maintain that work-life balance.

Having a separate space in your home to be used as an office is not only good for maintaining work-life balance. It has many other benefits that include enhancing the productivity.

Here we are going to tell you the reasons you need to have blinds for your home office along with some suggestions to choose the right kind of blinds for your very own home office.

To keep off the glare – Studies suggest that natural light is helpful in keeping a person productive. This is because our circadian cycle is activated by natural lights. So, the best place to make a home office is beside a window where you get plenty of natural lights. But, when you keep your desk near a window you need to deal with the problem of screen glare.

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The best solution for tackling the glare is to install a blind with slats. The slats give you the independence of deciding what amount of light you need in your home office. You can adjust the slats to give you ample light without those irritating screen glares based on the position of the sun.

You don’t get this flexibility with the curtains. Installing the right blinds is the mid-path between complete blackout and a heavy amount of screen glares.

To enhance your productivity level – Obviously, you feel like working in your night suit and without doing your hairs because no one is watching. You do not like to keep your home office clean and arranged, again because no one is watching. But, this is not the right way to work, if you are aiming to earn a name and reputation in your professional field. You are living in the ‘Google-age’. So, it is not difficult for you to cross-check the fact that how you dress-up and the environment you are working has a direct impact on your productivity level.

If your home office does not look like a professional space you won’t be able to bring that professionalism in your work either. You need blinds to take out your home office from being pure ‘home’. Curtains give a place too homely look. You can check the link http://www.commercialblinds.co.uk/office-blinds/ to see the kinds of office blinds available.

When you enter your home office, the look of the space should trigger the professionalism in you. If you design the space like a professional office, you won’t take ages to shift your concentration from household chores to your official projects.   

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To save you time, energy and money – Window blinds are much easier to maintain as compared to the curtains. You need to wash your curtains occasionally and they soon start fading, leaving you with no other option than getting new curtains. Blinds, on the other hand, do not need much maintenance and have a much longer life. You can dust or vacuum clean them just as you would do your working desk.  

You can also click here to learn more ways to lower the electric bill in the winter.

When you have the freedom to control the amount of light entering the room you won’t need to turn on lights for most time of the day. This certainly would help your energy bill to stay in control. Most of the window blinds are also capable of controlling the heat entering a room thus keeping the room at an optimum temperature. When the blinds are completely closed they can reduce the heat by almost 45%.

When you choose the right kind of window blind you can transform your home office in a very professional manner without burning a hole in your pocket. There are a very few items other than blinds that are capable of drastically transforming a space in such a low budget. The huge range of choices gives you the freedom to give your office the look you want without breaking the limit of your budget.

At this point, we can safely say that window blinds are one of the smartest investments you can make for your home office. Do you think there’s something else that gives you so much benefit in such a little investment?

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