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Needham Ink – Speciality Inkjet Ink Technologies

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The Needham Group has been developing, testing, manufacturing, and distributing inkjet inks for more than 30 years. Their inks are manufactured exclusively in the UK and they focus on a few primary technologies.

  • Continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks are suitable for virtually all kinds of makes and models of continuous inkjet printers.
  • Drop On Demand (DOD) inks come in water-based, alcohol-based, or MEK-based DOD inks. Needham has developed inks for a variety of printhead technologies that use DOD printers.
  • High Resolution (Hi-Res) inks are used for printhead technology like Trident and XAAR and Needham develops and manufactures this ink in the UK and distribute it worldwide.
  • Bespoke inkjet inks are custom-made by Needham’s chemists to be suitable for whatever inkjet equipment, printhead, and technology customers need.

Speciality inks like those used for printing on foods like meat and on car parts like brakes are also developed and manufactured in the UK by Needham. These inks require special formulations and include the following:

  • Contact Coding inks are used with rubber stamps and roller-coders that are used to mark on cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots, and metal foils.
  • Election Ink is formulated as an indelible ink used to mark on the human skin. It’s used in hospitals, vaccination programmes, and other venues where the marking skin is necessary.
  • Health Marking inks are food grade inks designed for use on produce, meat, eggs, and other food products.
  • Flexographic speciality inks are used in pharmaceutical and food grade applications.
  • Stencil inks are fast-drying inks that can be water or alcohol based and are used to stencil on nearly any surface like plastics and wood.
  • Toll Manufacturing is something Needham offers if you have developed your own kind of ink or coating that we can help you manufacture and distribute.

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Needham Ink is dedicated to providing quality inks and customer service and support.

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