Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Nothing Feels Better Than Having Your Real Hair Back

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Hair loss is an embarrassing. That is why I usually do not like to review any hair loss products I have used. But I have to write the review for lipogaine. I have tried many hair loss products to try to stop my hair loss. Nothing worked. Lipogaine is the only exception.

Lipogaine works great, when I noticed hair thinning on top/middle of head I first tried Rogaine +shampoo and vitamins, but it didn’t do much and the effects wore off very quickly. Then I found this stuff and it makes more sense because Lipogaine for men takes 3 pronged approach all in one. Target DHT hurting follicles, provide nutrients to help combat effects of DHT, and also limit production of DHT in the first place.

I found this stuff when doing research and heard there was an effective product that big pharma had forced to change its formula (cited safety reasons) but evident that they did not want a product on the market that was so effective and provided more than temporary relief. It only took a wee using this before my scalp felt healthy and that redness and tenderness that came when my hair started thing was gone.

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At first Rogaine foam seemed like a better option because I  was skeptical about putting oil in my hair, but it doesn’t make it greasy and in fact adds a nice bit of volume and moisture to your hair and scalp especially after washing your hair, and makes you hair feel thicker. For a while I could not run my hands through my hair without getting 3 or 4 hairs every time and hairs would just pull right out now I can run my hands through my hair repeatedly without getting any hairs at all.

This stuff works on its own, but I have begun to pair it with magnesium and iron and also some cooper peptides(these actually rebuild the fatty tissue beneath scalp which deteriorates with age squeezing hair follicles which produced inflammation and triggers DHT to try and fight inflammation) your head doesn’t just randomly begin attacking itself.

See Gravity Theory of balding. Bottom line this stuff is great and fights hair loss on 3 most important fronts with just a single oil formula.


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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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