Tuesday, July 5, 2022

On Xatara Shop, we make floor mats cool and differents, that mark the personality and own sign of each home

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Our mats are made of a resistant material of synthetic fiber of polypropylene.
These come in a wide range of colors and measures.

Are elegant and unique designs, and have about 4mm of thickness. It can be used in kitchen, baths, rooms… The surface is soft and is optimal for use in domestic areas, premises, offices, or shops.
They are also anti-static, and can be used in areas of computers.

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All mats are handmade from start to finish with lots of love and care in each detail. All designs are hand cut, not laser cut.
Our products are hand-produced using traditional methods and design by computer.

You get to choose from a dizzying array of sizes, color, and fonts. Simply browse the selection and let your imagination run wild.

We are able to customize any of our handmade mats upon request. We can personalize them with your names, initials or words. Please, contact me if you want a custom floor mat.

Visit the shop at: www.xatara.etsy.com

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Sara Revonia
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