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Perks of Branded Video Content & Few Production Tips

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Video content is dominating as the most preferred content format. In terms of engagement value and retention, video outperforms text. So it is no mystery that video has become a marketer’s most reliable weapon.

However, many marketers are still unable to channelize the power of videos, mainly because they are not using videos as branded content but only as advertising tools. While advertising works effectively in increasing sales, branded content creates space for continuous engagement.

Think of all those video ads that you skip and then think of those videos that your audience actually goes looking for, either because they are entertaining or provide useful information. These branded videos keep you on your audience’s radar and make them interact with more such content. So let’s dive into the various perks of branded video content:

1. Creates space for engagement

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In this age where social media has made it easier for brands, big or small, to reach to their audience, it has become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. To keep users hooked, brands are constantly investing in techniques that lead to better engagement.

With branded video content, you can foster engagement and create space for revisits. By delivering something that is either useful or entertaining, you don’t intrude your user’s feed but blend into it.

Through effective storytelling and well-crafted videos, you can create brand memorability and hence become to the go-to brand for your users.

2. Helps Build Trust

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The very foundation of sales and conversion is trust – a consumer will buy from you only if they trust you, regardless of what product you are offering. The primary goal of content marketing is to create a long-term relationship and trust is always the building block of such a relationship. The focus should be on building the consumer’s trust, not just towards your products, but towards your brand so that people are eager to share and spread the content that you produce.

This is what Moz has done through its video series called the Whiteboard Friday.

What is the role of video in all of this? Video gives an interactive touch to traditional content to make it more engaging and igniting. It brings out the emotions among users which, in turn, helps in earning their trust. Statistics show that 57% of consumers have more confidence in making an online purchase after they see a video regarding the product.

YouTubers (people who own YouTube channels and share their content on the video sharing platform) are the most powerful digital influencers today – they can be used for promoting your brand and building the customer’s trust.

3. Improves Sales and Conversions

Having an explainer video on your landing page can increase your average conversion rate by 20%. This means that videos can help you turn incoming traffic into sales more efficiently.

Not just this, but contrary to popular belief, video content is effective regardless of which category it is used in i.e. no matter what industry your business belongs is, video content is the right marketing tool for you. Studies also show that users who have watched an explainer-video for a product have gone on to buy the product 74% of the time.  

2. Excellent Return On Investment

Most marketing strategies can turn out to be dry with little to no obvious return on investment but this is not the case with video marketing. Video helps reap greater ROI than any other content type. Keep in mind that this is being said despite the fact that video is not a very cost-effective content format

But a good part is that online video production tools have improved so much in recent times that they offer a decently affordable means for video production – something that can come in very handy for small businesses in particular.

Keep in mind that users are mostly turned off by a video that does not explain a product or service clearly than with quality. This does not mean that you should ignore the design and quality of the video all around, but instead, that you should definitely not ignore the content in the video production process.

4. Encourages Social Sharing

YouTube, a video sharing platform, is the second largest search engine in the world today. This indicates that video serves as a great tool to encourage social sharing.

The social networks, packed with unique video features are helping brands drive better social returns. For instance, Facebook’s live videos, 360-degree, Instagram’s IGTV are a step forward in this direction.

However, there is one aspect of social sharing that you need to be aware of – video content on social media must include an emotional message or element in them and not just facts so it suits the mood of the social platform.

5. Allows you to communicate Your business offering or complex ideas with ease

If you are launching a new service or product soon then creating an explainer video to show how it will work is one of the best methods for promoting it.

Explaining something about a product or service can be difficult with text-based content, especially if the concept is technical. Therefore, if you wish to promote such content then you can create animated explainer videos that bring these concepts to life in an interactive and interesting manner so that it engages the users and makes them willing to learn more.

So, if we have managed to make you think of videos as a profitable tool, read on to learn some great…

Tips For Producing Video Content

Keep these in mind when you are creating branded video content for your business:

1. Engaging Title:

As with blog posts, the headline of a video can pull organic traffic towards your website since it instantly grabs the user’s attention (it is the first impression that you leave on a visitor). Not just this, but if you include a relevant keyword in the title then the video is more likely to show up on the search engines when the users search for the topic. Make sure that you use a catchy, short, and curious title for the videos that you post on the social media platforms.

2. Content Matters:

When you are producing the video, keep the ideal audience in mind – who are you targeting and what content needs to go into the video to make it interesting for them. Ask yourself: How can you make the video valuable for the audience? What can you teach them? Listen to the audience, understand their needs, and determine what they want to see and then make use of this data for producing the videos. Showcase the skill and knowledge that you have in the niche as a brand to make the video useful for the users.

3. Align With Business Goals:

Once you have an understanding of what content you need to add into the video, the next step you should take is to adjust it so that it works towards your brand objective. For increased effectiveness, your video content should catch the audience’s interest while keeping your brand objective at the core.

4. Video Length:

Focus on keeping your video short and to the point with the right interactive elements in between. Experts consider 30-90 seconds as the magic length for corporate videos, with 60 seconds hitting up the sweet spot for most viewers. Keep it around this mark for maximum effectiveness and conversion.


There are numerous benefits to making use of branded video content and these include enhanced trust, better customer relationships, increased sales, excellent ROI and higher reach. The goal of branded video content should be to deliver valuable, meaningful, and engaging content to the audience while keeping the brand objective at the center of it all. This will lead to maximum effectiveness and will add tremendous value to your business.

Author Bio

Deepasha Kakkar is a visual marketer, founder of Crackitt, and a consumer behavior aficionado.
She helps businesses & organizations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful handmade animated videos and compelling infographics. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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