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Plastic Surgery Marketing Advice

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Marketing a plastic surgery business is a competitive effort that requires you to be on top of your game. So, how best do it? Well here are some tips.

Prove That You Are One Of Cosmetic Surgery’s Experts

Although it is important to have an optimized website, it isn’t sufficient for converting online visitors into paying customers.  Individuals who are searching for a plastic surgeon are very smart and are prepared to spend good money on their cosmetic procedures.  In order to convince them that you are the best person to do the job, quality content will need to be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy.

Information should be included about the various procedures that you offer.  Quality content is valued by the search engines, and the more quality information that you can provide, the greater your chances will be to rank high in the major search engine results. This you make this work easier through providing all of your current and relevant information in various formats, including on social media posts, blogs, your contact information, and infographics.  Most important of all, have before and after photos of your work prominently displayed so that clients will be able to get a good sense of the quality work that you do.

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Get Your Practice Optimized For Local Search

Most patients who are searching for plastic surgeons go online first to check your ratings and reviews according to Cormac Reynolds who helps with marketing for Dore Aesthetics.  If your practice doesn’t show up in the local search results, then you may be losing out on a lot of traffic.

If you want to increase how much local market share you have, you need to create informative and complete business profiles for your practice and have them listed in Google My Business as well as local business directories.

When your practice is listed in local directories it also improves your brand’s reputation and identity.

Online Video Promotion

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More people are shifting away from just plain text listing as videos continue to become increasingly popular.  Plain content might not be very convincing sometimes, while videos allow you to have a deeper influence on your target audience’s minds. That helps to improve your conversions of potential leads into paying customers.

Have Social Networks Incorporated Into Your Overall Strategy

There are many practices that think it is sufficient to just have a website.  Unfortunately, that is not true.  Having social networks integrated into your overall marketing strategy can help to exponentially multiply your visibility.  When you have a Facebook page is it gives you the chance to attract new patients who might not have been searching for a plastic surgeon.

If you are someone who is just getting started, then Twitter and Facebook are perfect.
Your blog should be linked to your social media sites so that your audience is alerted when you have a new article published.

Use Google Display Advertising

This keyword advertising service from Google makes it easier for you to expand the online reach of your business.  It is common to see display ads below, above and alongside the content of industry-related and popular websites.  The targeting can be fine-tuned in order to be visible to your audience and effectively engage with them.

Use Email Marketing

The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to communicate with your current patients is via email marketing.  When you send emails out, make sure they are eye-catching, fun and informative.  Some of the offers that you have could be listed and have a fixed expiration date attached to them to get an immediate response from patients.   

Increased Revenue From Current Patients

Were you aware that 20% of current patients would have more procedures done if they were aware of them?  While you wait for your other marketing strategies to become effective, fast-acting marketing tactics can be used to provide you with immediate revenue.  Your current patients already trust and know you.  That means they are more likely to respond favorably to your marketing.

Take full advantage of your marketing strategies to do cross promotions of similar treatments and procedures.

Encourage your current patients to recommend you to their family and friends.  Make sure to offer them something special for every referral that books an appointment with you.

Guest Blog On Related Sites

It takes a lot of effort and time to obtain high-quality backlinks.  One way to obtain quality backlinks is through guest blogging on related and relevant websites, like beauty blogs.  Those websites are happy to have professional plastic surgeons write articles for them in exchange for a backlink.  It is a great way to increase your visibility on the major search engines.

Go virtual

Many clients would like to have more information on plastic surgery without having to meet with you in person.  Those clients like having the chance to express their concerns about the procedures that you do.  You can conduct a website with prospects that you reach via email marketing or go live on Facebook and other social sites.

During the live session, you can explain plastic surgery basics to your prospects,  provide information about potential risks (but don’t go too deep) as well as other concerns.  You can then provide listeners with an opportunity to ask questions.  You can answer some of these questions during the others and answer others via email.

Make all patient experiences exception

The most effective marketing for any cosmetic surgery or healthcare practice is providing an exceptional patient experience.  In order for an outstanding customer experience to be achieved, you must create key performance indicators ensuring quality service and then maintain them.

Some strategies that you can implement in order to enhance the experience of your patients include cultivating a healthy work culture in your office, having quality researching programs, setting benchmarks based on the industry’s leading plastic surgery practices, and finding ways that customer satisfaction can be effectively measured.

A majority of people during this digital era, read reviews of products or services they are considering before making a purchasing decision.  Having hundreds of positive customer reviews can get hundreds of customers interested in your services.

Paid Search Marketing

Your social media strategy and content marketing program might take some time before they start bringing traffic to your website. So you might want to incorporate paid search marketing into your overall marketing strategy.  Conduct keyword research on which phrases individual use when searching for plastic surgery service. Choose keywords that are most likely to attract prospective patients to your website.

In order for your PPC marketing to be effective, you need to combine it with a professional looking website along with other strategies that move your leads through your marketing funnel.  

Use advertisements that are emotionally compelling on offline media

Although online media has certainly become very important, offline media still can be quite effective for marketing healthcare and plastic surgery services.  Therefore, you should include it as part of your overall marketing plan.  Google conducted a healthcare marketing study in 2012 that found that 84 percent of clients used both online and offline sources to do their research before making their decision on which service provider they want to use to do their treatment.  With plastic surgery, a similar pattern could be found.

Emotionally compelling outdoor, TV and print ads stir the emotions up as well as feelings of achievement, self-love, and happiness.  Those advertisements are very effective in getting people to take action.  Just make sure your ads are crafted in a positive way and that you include a clear call to action.  This strategy can then be reinforced by providing lots of offers and information via your online platforms.

Many different strategies can be combined when marketing your plastic surgery practice. But don’t spread yourself too thin, since it does take a lot of effort and money to ensure that every strategy is working effectively.

If you are unsure of where to begin, the plastic surgeon SEO services that we offer combined with an effective paid advertising campaign can bring a surge of new patients to your practice.

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