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Qolture Founder Karl Sutton Shares Success Secrets with Blog Process

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Qolture is an online and creative furniture store, founded in 2015, with a large merchandise mix of furniture, bedding, and decorative accessories. Their innovative business model is transforming the way their customers shop for furniture through a valuable online shopping experience. Here is our recent interview with Karl Sutton, CEO of Qolture, where he shares with us his tips, success stories and how to become an entrepreneur…


1- Hello Karl, how about starting by telling us a bit about yourself?
I am the founder and CEO of Qolture, Inc., one of today’s fastest-growing e-commerce companies. I manage our burgeoning day-to-day operations and am responsible for long-term strategy development and implementation.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
Designing business models that create value for our internal and external stakeholders is my main focus. This is an ongoing process requiring adjustments and refinements to our business model building blocks to achieve our long-term goals. For instance, creating product-market fit is paramount to the success of Qolture. We intend to allocate the R&D and product development resources necessary for Qolture to achieve the perfect product-market fit. The availability of an extensive range of fully branded products in our catalog will be what sets Qolture apart from everyone else.

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3-In a few words, how would you describe Qolture?
A Las Vegas company established in September 2015, Qolture is a customer-centric online furniture store with an impressive catalog offering a carefully curated selection of furniture and home décor accessories. We recently deepened our selection of sleep products by securing a long-term partnership with MyPillow, and we currently carry the MyPillow range of Classic pillows in our catalog.

4- Where do you think Qolture is making a unique impact?
Qolture’s hugely popular blog, which consists of exclusive interviews with internationally recognized home décor experts from the HGTV and DIY networks, is capturing and holding industry attention. Our contributing blog writer, Kristin Tablang, has interviewed key industry players, such as the Scott Brothers (Property Brothers), Ben and Erin Napier, Chip Gaines, Leanne and Steve Ford, Alison Victoria, Nicole Curtis, Listed Sisters, and Ken and Anita Corsini. Publishing valuable content with useful tips that help our readers discover how to improve the aesthetics of their homes is our blog’s primary objective.

5- What are some furniture tips you can share with those who wish to decorate a startup office?
Qolture’s wide array of home office and home accents collections let our customers discover the perfect office furniture and accessories that will give their home offices the precise sense of comfort, style, and charisma they seek.   

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6- How would you describe your management style?
Qolture has a projectized organization structure. That’s another way of saying that I guide project teams with a democratic, participative management style. I regularly elicit input from project team members. I believe that a combination of open communication, fairness, and optimism is necessary to create a healthy work environment.

7- Qolture is very well known for its deep commitment to customer service. Tell us about your aims in this area.
We believe that nurturing positive, long-term customer relationships is an integral part of building a scalable business model. That’s why we offer our customers the choice of live chats, email contacts, and telephone support when they choose Qolture as their provider. Our goal is to respond to each live chat, email, and telephone inquiry within 24 hours. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99, fast delivery, and free returns within 90 days. Our customer-focused service aims to deliver a high-quality experience for each person, which puts our customer service in a class all by itself.

8- What is one marketing strategy that you’re using and that works really well for the furniture industry?
Here’s a popular one that’s always rewarding: On a periodic basis, we offer creative sales promotions, such as contests, sweepstakes, and flash sales. For example, one of our most successful sales promotions was Qolture’s Pose, Snap, Win Giveaway post, which received 3,900 likes, 40 shares, and 34 comments on our Facebook page. Sales promotions are a great way to build social proof and engagement.

9- What are you most excited about regarding Qolture at the moment?
I look forward to seeing Qolture and its subsidiaries eventually capture 1-3% the industry market share. That’s our long-term goal. We launched a subsidiary called Air Moist last year, and I’m optimistic about its prospects. Air Moist is a vertical market provider that sells mini humidifiers to a niche customer group. But that’s not all. This year, we will be launching a new blog called Celebrity Home Experience and two online furniture stores called A Royal Room and Cove Gold. We also have plans for acquiring companies that operate in both the horizontal and vertical markets.

10- A few last words or final thoughts?
The truth is that traditional brick-and-mortar retail furniture stores are a thing of the past. Today, Qolture’s innovative online home furnishings are transforming how people decorate their homes. With Qolture, customers can conveniently purchase furniture and home décor accessories from the comfort of their homes and have products delivered directly to their front doors with the click of a mouse. Qolture is the future of the furniture retail world!

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Noelle Elia
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